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The Mustard Seed is excited and honored to join the fight against poverty and homelessness in Lethbridge.

We have an opportunity to meet need the needs of a vulnerable population and make a positive impact on the community.

For many years, The Mustard Seed has heard from churches and community members in Lethbridge about the needs of their homeless neighbours and their earnest desire to find a partner who can help them respond to these needs. In expanding our services to Lethbridge, The Mustard Seed is carrying out our vision of going where our help is needed in order to reduce poverty and homelessness.

We know that the homelessness- and poverty-related needs in Lethbridge exceed the current capacity of social service agencies operating in the city. Building on our more than 35 years of experience, The Mustard Seed plans to address these needs in Lethbridge through the provision of:

Sober Shelter [+]

  • There is an urgent need for safe, appropriate shelter – especially right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mustard Seed plans to open Lethbridge’s only sober shelter where individuals who are recovering from addictions or are substance-free can find the resources and support they need. Learn More

Partnering with Lethbridge Soup Kitchen


The Mustard Seed actively looks for opportunities to bring our ministry to people in need across Western Canada. As we expand our services to Lethbridge, we are grateful to be joining forces with Lethbridge Soup Kitchen.

Building on our shared mission and faith-based values, as well as our individual strengths and expertise, we will not only be able to continue the good work already taking place in Lethbridge, but also to deliver enhanced programs and services to those in need.

About Lethbridge Soup Kitchen:
The Lethbridge Soup Kitchen has been serving meals to guests for the past 36 years. Its mission is to assist in the alleviation of poverty by operating a soup kitchen for individuals and families who are poor, have very limited income or are simply in need of a meal. The Lethbridge Soup Kitchen also desires to increase public awareness of the needs of the poor and homeless in our community. www.lethbridgesoupkitchen.ca

About The Mustard Seed:
The Mustard Seed, a well-known non-profit across Western Canada, brings 35-plus years of experience in poverty alleviation to Lethbridge. In the cities where we serve, The Mustard Seed provides basic services, housing, and employment supports to those in need and partners with the community to address the root causes of poverty. www.theseed.ca

We are grateful for this opportunity to serve vulnerable men and women in the city of Lethbridge. We know that together we can make a real and lasting difference for our neighbours in need.

Have questions? We would love to hear from you.

Contact us: infoLethbridge@theseed.ca

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mustardseedyql

Media inquiries: Alyssa Burnham 403-404-8663 alyssaburnham@theseed.ca

Learn how The Mustard Seed is responding to COVID-19 in the communities where we serve. See our Pandemic Response page.

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