For families struggling to escape homelessness, basic shelter isn’t enough.!

There simply isn’t enough affordable housing to meet the needs of families and children in our community, and family homelessness is becoming one of the fastest-growing problems in Canada.

The Ogden Hub:29 family build will not only provide families with safe and stable community living, but the holistic support they need to reach their goals and transform the future for their children.

By offering 24-7 wrap-around supports, you envelop families in a safe and nurturing environment where they can lean in for help when they need it. And because Hub:29 is a place to grow, you expand the possibilities of their lives, helping them reach higher and dream bigger than ever before.

Welcome to Ogden Hub:29

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Today, you can help build so much more than a home. You can build a place where an entire community can gather, heal and thrive.
And a place where vulnerable families can feel free from the fear of homelessness to find joy, resilience and empowerment.

Ogden Hub:29

While Hub:29 is much more than a home for families, it also offers much more to our local community. We call it Hub:29 because we envision a central hub that will serve the community as a whole.

By integrating public facilities like the café, worship space, childcare centre, community kitchen and garden, Hub:29 welcomes people from all walks of life to gather in fellowship and benefit from shared resources. It’s a win-win for both families and residents, each strengthening the other as the community grows.

Why are families struggling in our city?

Calgary has Canada’s fastest growing homeless population. Rents are sky-high, and keep going up.

  • Rents are sky-high, and keep going up.
  • Poverty is on the rise.
  • There’s a shortage of affordable housing options.
  • Many community resources have left Ogden.
  • There aren’t enough affordable options with space for families.

What is Ogden Hub:29?

A catalyst for CHANGE

Hub:29 enriches the community fabric of Ogden by providing far more than a safe place for families to call home. With a full menu of supportive services and educational resources, Hub:29 will help families overcome their unique challenges to truly transform their lives.

At it’s heart will be a community kitchen filled with food and laughter. On-site affordable childcare will help mom and dad nurture their little ones as they work to enrich their family’s future. And a bustling social enterprise café will not only lift spirits, but meet the critically important need to integrate families into a strong community.


When you help build innovative family-oriented permanent supportive housing, you take a proactive step towards ending intergenerational poverty.

By providing vulnerable families with a powerful combination of stability and support, you can help prevent them from falling into a cycle of homelessness, protect children from the long-lasting consequences of living without a home, and enrich the future for everyone in our community.

  • Three floors of residential units for families to call home, while feeling safe and supported.
  • A rooftop uniquely designed to offer outdoor amenities.
  • A main level with multipurpose, collaborative spaces to gather, learn and serve the community in a holistic way.
  • Wrap-around supports such as counselling services, employment coaching, and advocacy to help families create a better future for themselves.
  • A pre-school and daycare facility on-site to meet the needs of residents and community members.
  • A community kitchen for residents to connect around meals and learn valuable life and social skills.
  • A worship space to meet the spiritual needs of the community.
  • A community café that invites community integration and provides social enterprise income.

Wrap-around support is the key to giving families a hand up.

Think of it like wrapping your arms around someone who really needs a hug.

To ensure long-term success for families living in poverty, wrap-around support provides individualized care that encourages dignity, safe and stable community living, and positive progression towards wellness goals.

Without wrap-around support, it’s easy for people to fall through the cracks, or get trapped in the cycle of homelessness that prevents them from ever getting ahead.

It’s what makes Hub:29 so much more than a place to call home.

By giving access to 24-7 wrap-around supports, you acknowledge that families need more than just the basics to build a better life for themselves. It means investing in the well-being of an entire family, helping them become more resilient and sustainable, so they no longer need to be dependent on emergency assistance.

And when a family thrives, our entire community thrives, too.

Ogden Hub:29 services will include:

  • Life skills
  • Employment support
  • Literacy programs
  • Counseling
  • Spiritual care
  • Health and wellness
  • Parenting courses
  • Child care
  • Community building

It costs $34,000 less per person per year: Families are less likely to depend on public services and emergency supports.

90% can maintain their housing after one year: With the right help, families can break the cycle of homelessness.

Thanks to supportive housing, Emily is thriving

To escape the cycle of homelessness, Emily needed more. “In a shelter, I knew I would relapse and things would just go bad and downhill.” Thankfully, Emily was approved to move into The Mustard Seed’s 1010 Centre, a 224- unit permanent supportive housing building in downtown Calgary. Much more than affordable housing, it provides on-site access to counselling, employment coaching and health and wellness services.

Since moving in, Emily found a job to support herself, made many new friends, began volunteering at The Mustard Seed to give back, and is on the Tenant Board where she helps advocate for her fellow residents.

“There was always somebody that came and saved my life.”

After running away from an abusive home when she was just 14 years old, having a home of her own seemed out of reach for
Emily. Feeling hopeless and alone, she feared for her future.

Re-imagining a stronger community together

The Mustard Seed is a Christian non-profit organization that has been caring for men, women, and children experiencing poverty and homelessness since 1984. For more than three decades, The Mustard Seed has been a safe and supportive haven where people can have their physical needs met and can begin to heal and grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for a better life down the road.

A priceless investment in the well-being of our city

Linda Tamm Evasiuk shares her decision to become an early investor in Ogden Hub:29:

My son Brian struggled with mental illness and addiction. After spending several months on the streets in and out of shelters, we lost our brilliant, vibrant and beloved Brian to fentanyl poisoning in August of 2020. He was only 25.

I admit that I’d thought success in life was all about the choices we make, and that people with supportive families could never fall through the cracks. But now I know how wrong I was. When I learned about the incredible vision for Hub:29, it filled me with hope. This project saved me in the weeks and months following Brian’s passing.

Why do you think Ogden HUB:29 is so important?

Hard times are getting even harder for people. The economy will be slow to recover and there are a lot of families that are truly struggling. Parents are trying to make ends meet, having to work two or three jobs if they can even find them. That means going from one stop-gap solution to another, without any stability or opportunity to get ahead.

Linda Tamm Evasiuk’s son Brian passed away in 2020 at the age of 25. Her family’s founding investment in Ogden Hub:29 honours his memory, and the community that cared for him.

But at Hub:29, families will find a real sense of home. Safe, reliable housing will give people a chance to work without worry, and for kids to be able to go to school without interruption. This will be a place where families will find joy, not just the bare necessities. I think this is a way to stitch back the fabric of the community, and build people up stronger. Our community urgently needs a family place like this, where people can feel loved, regain dignity and find all the supports they need.

Why have you supported this project?

When we look after our collective welfare, we also look after ourselves. That’s what I love about Alberta. We believe in people making their own future. We believe in being generous. And we’re all in this together. I consider Hub:29 an investment in all of us. When we support our neighbours together, we build our community together, and we all feel connected to each other. There’s no better way to honour my son’s legacy.

When you don’t have a place to sleep, you can’t think about anything else

When you live in your car, it’s almost impossible to find and keep a job. When you’re trying to secure a couch to sleep on tonight, it’s almost impossible to learn a new skill. When you’re struggling to find enough food for your child, it’s almost impossible to find a way out.

This is how homelessness continues in our city – sometimes for generations.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if struggling families had a soft place to land when things got tough? What if there was a community of support rooting for their success? And what if making a better life for their children was finally within reach, because of people like you?

When you help make the Ogden Hub:29 family build a reality, you take meaningful and massive action towards solving our community’s most pressing crisis.

Become a part of a community that cares


$500,000 + Visionary

$300,000 - $499,999 Leader

$100,000 - $299,999 Champion

$50,000 - $99,999 Steward

$25,000 - $49,999 Ambassador

Up to $24,999 Advocate

Today, you can change a family’s story, forever

When you support the creation of Hub:29, you join a special group of community leaders willing to go above and beyond to end family homelessness and poverty in our city.

Your investment is supporting a truly innovative housing solution where vulnerable families can access everything they need to sustain themselves in the long term.

Today, please join us as we go beyond shelter to create a better future for families experiencing homelessness.

The impact of Ogden Hub:29 will be felt for generations.
It will lift our entire community higher.
And it will revolutionize the way we serve our most vulnerable neighbours.

Your investment will give struggling families so much more than a home.

You’ll give hope and a brighter future.

Please support the creation of Ogden Hub:29 with your transformational gift today.

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