Winter Needs Calgary


Checkbox Underwear Backpack Sock
Checkbox Warm Hat/Toque Backpack
Checkbox Warm Gloves (not mittens) Backpack
Checkbox Ear Plugs Backpack Sock
Checkbox Travel mug *no ceramics please Backpack
Checkbox $5 Tim Horton’s / McDonald’s gift card Backpack Sock
Checkbox $20 Dollar Store card Backpack
Checkbox Travel-size tissue Backpack
Checkbox Travel-size First-Aid kit Backpack Sock
Checkbox Flash light or Book Light Backpack
Checkbox Transit tickets Backpack Sock
Checkbox Men: Sports Hat Backpack
Checkbox Women: Costume Jewelry Backpack
Checkbox Hygiene items (Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, hairbrush/comb, lip balm, disposable razors, nail care items, etc.) Backpack Sock
Checkbox Crossword/word game puzzle/etc. Backpack
Checkbox Christmas card or note (sign with first name only) Backpack

Pack a Community Meal In-A-Box (Food Hamper)
Checkbox Canned vegetables
Checkbox Potatoes (fresh or dehydrated)
Checkbox Boxed stuffing
Checkbox Gravy mix packages
Checkbox Cranberry sauce
Checkbox Pickles
Checkbox 2L bottle of juice/pop
Checkbox Coffee/tea
Checkbox Non-refrigerated dessert
Checkbox 1 tinfoil roaster
Checkbox Hams, turkey or chicken

Please do NOT provide:
Hand warmers

Backpack Build a Backpack
Fill a backpack with items marked with the backpack icon, and give someone in need the basic necessities to get through the season.

Sock Stuff a Warm Sock
Stuff items marked with the sock icon into a thermal/wool sock, and give the gift of warmth to someone in need.

Please do not include food items or any items with an alcohol base, such as perfume or mouthwash in backpack or warm sock.

For more information call: 403.767.2806