Winter Needs Edmonton


Checkbox Backpack Backpack
Checkbox Blankets Backpack
Checkbox Warm Gloves (not mittens) Backpack
Checkbox Thermal/Wool Socks Backpack Mug
Checkbox Travel mug *no ceramics please Mug
Checkbox $5 Coffee Gift Card Backpack Mug
Checkbox Toques/Scarves Backpack
Checkbox Toothbrushes Backpack
Checkbox Hand/Foot Warmers Backpack Mug
Checkbox Plastic, Travel-Size Crib Board Backpack
Checkbox Band-Aids / Polysporin Backpack
Checkbox Playing Cards Backpack
Checkbox Bus Tickets Backpack Mug
Checkbox Tic Tacs Backpack
Checkbox Lip Balm Backpack
Checkbox Sleeping Bags
Checkbox Winter Coats
Checkbox Underwear – new
Checkbox Long Underwear
Checkbox Tarps
Checkbox Unisex Watches
Checkbox Note of Encouragement Backpack Mug

Backpack Build a Backpack
Fill a backpack with items marked with the backpack icon, and give someone in need the basic necessities to get through the season.

Mug Make a Mug of Joy
Stuff items marked with a coffee icon into a travel mug*, and give the gift of joy to someone in need. *No glass or ceramics, please!

Please do not include food items or any items with an alcohol base, such as perfume or mouthwash in backpack or warm sock.