Help people experiencing homelessness and poverty this Thanksgiving.

After a long and difficult year, many of our most vulnerable neighbours have been overwhelmed by feelings of isolation, loneliness and uncertainty. Something as simple as a hot meal can light a spark of hope – and change a life forever.

Your gift today will show people in need that there is hope.

And because each meal costs just $3.51, your gift goes a long way to serve up hope for a better future.

You can make sure that this Thanksgiving is a special one for those who are struggling. Your generosity gives them a safe place to turn for help – and hope – during a time when it’s urgently needed. Please give today.

This Thanksgiving, share hot meals and hope with people experiencing homelessness and poverty.

“Knowing every night I have a place that I can come to and rest my head, I’m going to be safe, I’m going to be warm, and I’m going to be full with meals – just to have those three basic things taken care of, has allowed me to focus on me and has allowed me to get to where I am.”

– Troy