Thank you

CanvasMart headshot


Shout-out to this group for donating rolls of tarp, allowing us to set up a second shelter at the First Alliance Church during the pandemic. This critical donation helped us immensely during some of the most confusing and uncertain times.

Skunkworks Distillery headshot

Skunkworks Distillery

A big thank-you to Skunkworks Distillery for donating 4 litres of hand sanitizer, as well as 30 travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer, to help those experiencing homelessness and poverty during Covid-19.

Orion Safety Equipment LTD headshot

Orion Safety Equipment LTD

Thank you to Orion Safety Equipment LTD for donating 80 pieces of N95 espirator masks, 500 pieces of disposable nitrile gloves and 3 protective shields! These items were extremely hard to come by, but because of this team, we were able to protect our frontline workers at our shelters and drop-in spaces.

Cargill headshot


Thank you, Cargill, for giving back to the local community with a monetary donation to our Pandemic Relief Fund and contribution of fresh meat delivered to our Foothills Emergency Shelter. Your generosity has helped feed and care for individuals experiencing homelessness and hardship during these challenging times.

First Alliance Church headshot

First Alliance Church

When the province called us and said we had to create distance in our Foothills Shelter due to COVID-19, First Alliance Church was our first responder. Thank you for opening your doors to 120 individuals in such a challenging time and providing a safe and supportive place.

Westlife Church headshot

Westlife Church

We’re grateful for this team for stopping by our Foothills Emergency Shelter with a ton of awesome donations, from hygiene items, to non-perishable food items, to monetary help – we cannot thank you enough!

Advantage Ford headshot

Advantage Ford

Thank you to this team for donating 300 face shields! With this support, we will reduce the spread and threats, all the while increasing the safety and security of our guests.

Birchwood Furniture Galleries headshot

Birchwood Furniture Galleries

A big thank you to Birchwood Furniture Galleries for donating 200 masks for our guests in Calgary. As a result of COVID-19, they have turned their production towards making masks. Thank you for choosing to help and support the community.

Bison Transport (YYC & YEG) headshot

Bison Transport (YYC & YEG)

Thank you, Bison Transport, for graciously donating two 53-foot refrigerator/cooler trailers so we can store all our food donations in Calgary and Edmonton! Your support during this pandemic helps us provide meals to those experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Mobile X-Ray headshot

Mobile X-Ray

A big thank you to this local Calgary business for making a monetary donation, on top of giving 500 masks, 30 face shields, and infrared temperature guns. We are so grateful for your support in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Calgary Flames Alumni headshot

Calgary Flames Alumni

Thank you Colin Patterson and Lanny MacDonald from the Calgary Flames Alumni for their gracious donation to our organization. They stopped by to visit and present this generous cheque and we were all a little starstruck.

Calgary Flames Foundation headshot

Calgary Flames Foundation

Thank you for stopping by our Downtown Support Centre to treat our guests, residents, and staff to dinner! They showed up at our doors with what seemed to be 100 pizzas – your kindness has not gone unnoticed.

Young Group of Companies headshot

Young Group of Companies

A very big thank you to Young Group of Companies for offering to steam cleaning our shelter in the midst of a pandemic. Because of you, we were able to continue to provide a safe and clean environment for our guests every night.

Cliff Bungalow Mission Community Association headshot

Cliff Bungalow Mission Community Association

A huge shout out to Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association for your most gracious gift for the most vulnerable in our community. Your generosity has helped save lives during these times.

Industrial Plastic & Paint headshot

Industrial Plastic & Paint

Thank you for donating and installing the new sneeze guard at our Foothills Emergency Shelter. This goes a very long way in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and provides security for our guests and staff.

Clean02 headshot


Thank you for donating 24 gallons of liquid hand soap to our facilities team. This goes a long way in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for choosing to save lives.

GretaBar headshot


Thank you for your outstanding support for our organization and for providing unique opportunities for our neighbours to connect. We are grateful to grow together and create a sense of community.

Trail Appliances headshot

Trail Appliances

Thank you for your quick response and kindness. We reached out for a washer-dryer for our residents and you didn’t hesitate to help.

Skip The Depot (YYC & YEG) headshot

Skip The Depot (YYC & YEG)

Thank you for being great partners! We so appreciate the opportunity to be a recipient of your awesome progressive service and are proud to say we work with you.

Shaw Charity Classic Golf Tournament | Birdies for Kids headshot

Shaw Charity Classic Golf Tournament | Birdies for Kids

Thank you for your donation in lieu of the annual golf tournament this summer. We were sad to see didn’t happen this year, but eternally grateful you chose to directly donate these funds.

Nickle Family Foundation headshot

Nickle Family Foundation

Thank you to the Nickle Family Foundation for their generous donation in support of Giving Tuesday. They graciously hand-delivered a cheque which was matched thanks to an additional donor.

Home Depot headshot

Home Depot

Thank you to our friends from Home Depot for donating an entire pallet of water, 1000 nitrile gloves, garbage bags, and 2000 shopping bags. It went to great use, caring and helping our guests stay hydrated and safe this summer.

A&W Canada headshot

A&W Canada

Thank you for donating 10 skids of fresh ham and croissants to our shelter. This helped feed our guests during the pandemic, which ultimately kept them healthy and safe.

Skunkworks Moonshine Distillery headshot

Skunkworks Moonshine Distillery

Thank you for providing us with urgently needed hand sanitizer. This gift reduced the threat and kept our guests and residents safe.

Quick Lube headshot

Quick Lube

Thank you for swinging by with some essential donations during the pandemic. You guys have such big hearts, it’s clear – we’re grateful for you.

Coffee Concept headshot

Coffee Concept

Phil from Coffee Concept always donates coffee to our shelter! Thank you for providing daily a warm cup of joe for our guests looking to rebuild their lives – it goes a long way.

Warm The Homeless Society headshot

Warm The Homeless Society

This group made hundreds of beautiful blankets, scarves, and hats for our guests, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for keeping our community warm and supported in a time when it was so needed.

The Frontiers headshot

The Frontiers

This group has consistently supported our organization with their incredible musical talents. We love working with this team and are so blessed they continue to help us in this time of need.

Mark’s headshot


A big thank you to Mark’s Canada for this huge box of masks! This generous donation will help keep our guests, volunteers, and staff safe. We appreciate your support and choice to care for our vulnerable neighbours.

Big T’s BBQ & Smokehouse headshot

Big T’s BBQ & Smokehouse

We’re grateful for our partnership with Big T’s BBQ & Smokehouse! They supported us with our first virtual event ever, Stampede BBQ in a Box, and helped us raise critical funds for our pandemic relief fund.

Dawoodi Bohras headshot

Dawoodi Bohras

Thank you to this group for donating two pallets of bottled water to our homeless neighbours during our heat wave. We asked, and you responded without hesitation.

Lifeline Christian Mission headshot

Lifeline Christian Mission

This team walk along churches and communities to provide valuable resources, including packaged shelf stable, nutritious meals. These are sent all over the world, but when COVID-19 hit, they realized the need was also local. Thank you for donating 37 boxes (approx. 8000 meals) to our residents in supportive housing who aren’t able to leave their units because it’s too dangerous.

Sew-gether headshot


Thank you for your generous donation of 100 masks! They have donated over 6,000 masks to people in need since the pandemic hit. We’re grateful for your compassion and talents!

Olivier and Nhatphung Arbour, Airdrie headshot

Olivier and Nhatphung Arbour, Airdrie

We cannot thank the Arbour family enough. When we visited them, they mentioned they had 100 masks to donate… turns our they had 400! Thank you for keeping our guests and residents protected but also for reducing the threat.

Chef Stefan Guszak headshot

Chef Stefan Guszak

Shout out to Notable Calgary Chef, Stefan Gusztak, for volunteering at our shelter to help us through the pandemic! Your support and generosity meant so much to our staff and guests – it was a pleasure having you.

Malakai & family headshot

Malakai & family

Malakai and his dad stopped by to drop off 250 masks for our vulnerable community! Thank you for helping to save lives and reduce the spread.

TransAlta headshot


We're grateful for great neighbours! TransAlta hosted a 50/50 raffle during (in lieu of) Stampede week, raising money for our guests and clients during a time when it's so needed.

Telus headshot


We are so grateful for this group from Telus who filled a bunch of backpacks to the brim with school supplies, then donated them to our school programs!

Creekside Dental Calgary headshot

Creekside Dental Calgary

Thank you to Creekside Dental for collecting and contributing to our back-to-school backpack campaign! Your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed.

Eminent Wellness headshot

Eminent Wellness

We thought we had good neighbours. Turns out, we have GREAT neighbours! Eminent Wellness from down the street generously donated $1 for every appointment booked in the month of July - including an additional dollar for each Facebook check-in. Thank you for supporting our cause and our guests in their desire for a better life during an uncertain time.

Starbucks Neighborhood Grants headshot

Starbucks Neighborhood Grants

We are honoured to be a recipient of this program! Thank you, Starbucks employees, for nominating and selecting us for the important work we are doing to support our communities impacted by COVID-19.

Plains Breaker Apparel headshot

Plains Breaker Apparel

Thank you for donating an awesome 327 masks and 409 pairs of socks! This will help reduce the threat amongst our vulnerable neighbours all the while increasing our community’s safety.

Tim Hortons headshot

Tim Hortons

Thank you for always dropping by with some coffee and snacks for our staff. Our frontline work hard to protect and serve our vulnerable staff so this is always a sweet treat!

Other YYC churches:

Calgary Church of Christ

Centre Street Church West Campus

Southview Alliance Church

Brentview Baptist Church Foothills

First Alliance Church

Master Soap Makers

We were so excited and grateful when this group stopped by to donate their 100% all-natural soap bars for our community. Thank you for keeping us clean and safe!

Fairfield Watson

Your kindness and commitment to the global giving movement, Giving Tuesday, was a major contribution to our organization. We cannot thank you enough for your support and generosity in these challenging times.

Picture Perfect Cleaning

We are very grateful for Picture Perfect Cleaning who voluntarily disinfected our Permanent Supportive Housing, 1010 Centre Tower. This building is home to 224 residents, all who were very appreciative to have their rooms cleaned. Thank you for supporting our community and helping provide essential service to those in need.

En Vogue Hair Salon, Banff

We had some visitors from Banff stop by and surprise 39 happy shelter guests with haircuts the other night. These generous volunteers have offered to continue coming back every other week. Thank you for caring for those less fortunate and for alleviating one of the many challenges people experiencing homelessness battle.

Stampede BBQ in a Box

We are very humbled by the support we received for our first-ever virtual event this past August. Our sponsors were extremely gracious, giving, and ultimately great! With your help, together we raised money for our community in a time when it was so urgently needed.

- Big T’s BBQ & Smokehouse
- Cask Global Canning Solutions
- The Grizzly Paw
- Wild 95.3
- Annexales
- Snow Alligator

Camp For Hope

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors and partners for driving this event forward. This stay-at-home event supported our guests and residents in their journey to a better life during a time that was so critical.

- AltaLaw
- Castle Building Centres
- Jim Pattison Broadcast Group
- Olymel
- Steve’s Livestock
- Monogram Coffee

Scavenger Hunt sponsors

This awesome event was made possible by the partners below. We reached out and they didn’t hesitate to respond. Thank you for providing your support and for choosing to care for the vulnerable community in a time when it is so desperately needed.

- Fork + Farm
- Good Trade Coffee Co.
- A&W Auburn Bay
- The Better Farm Company
- Everglow Family Apparel