Acts of Kindness from Students

Here at The Mustard Seed, we see acts of altruism every day – often from school children.

In fact, there is research that shows you are never too young to feel the urge to help others.

One study observed what is called the sympathetic arousal response in 2-year-olds, as measured by changes in pupil dilation. Researchers at the Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology observed 56 toddlers. If the toddlers were able to help an adult pick up something they dropped, such as a crayon, or if the toddlers watched someone else help the adult, they had a positive reaction.

In other words they didn’t even have to get “credit” for the helping behaviour, they just needed to see that someone was helped.

The bottom line is that even young children can display genuine concern for others. And we certainly see that all the time in our young donors.

For instance, 150 Grade 5 students at École Good Shepherd School in Okotoks cared enough to knit 170 scarves, toques and neck warmers for guests at The Mustard Seed. This project called “HeartWarmers” really was heartwarming.

Springbank Community High School students stuffed 300 pairs of socks with all sorts of necessary items such as transit tickets, hygiene items and candy for our guests experiencing homelessness. Hayley Melrose, a member of the high school’s One Village club, helped coordinate the project.

Highwood Kids Come First, a before and after school program in northwest Calgary, held a fundraiser for The Mustard Seed. The children made Christmas ornaments and sold them in a Christmas Extravaganza, and they donated all the proceeds to The Mustard Seed.

The list of young donors goes on and on, and we are grateful for each and every donation.

Even the youngest donors know we accomplish more when we act together. Thank you.

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Altruism: feelings and behaviour that show a desire to help other people and a lack of selfishness. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition)