Bell Let’s Talk Day is an annual mental health campaign that works to raise awareness and combat the stigma surrounding mental illness in Canada.

At the Mustard Seed we know how important mental health supports are for those experiencing poverty and homelessness, especially during these uncertain times.

While we have all collectively felt the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, those without a home have been presented with unique challenges and stressors. Without a home to safely retreat to, people who are experiencing homelessness are most at risk of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Additionally, at least 60% of our guests and clients have pre-existing health conditions.

All of these challenges can have an effect on our clients’ mental health. That is why in 2020 across all of our Mustard Seed locations, we provided:

  • 4,440+ hours of counselling
  • 12,000+ spiritual conversations and events
  • 55,000+ health and wellness services

And this was all made possible thanks to your support! Your generosity has provided thousands of people with mental health support when they needed it most, including Ron.


Ron has had a long journey to become the man he is today – a man whose motivation to better himself relies on being a good father to his eight-year-old daughter. In addition to receiving basic services, Ron sought out health and wellness supports offered by The Mustard Seed in Red Deer. He was able to participate in one-on-one counselling which he describes as being “instrumental” to bettering his mental health.

Having suffered from depression, Ron recognizes the importance of being in a healthy mental state. This past year has been especially difficult for him due to the unknown circumstances of the pandemic.

“I try not to allow COVID-19 to dominate my thinking. But I do find myself getting sad or upset sometimes, which brings on my depression because there’s nowhere to go,” says Ron.

Although this past year has been hard for many of our vulnerable neighbours, including Ron, he is grateful for the help he has received from incredible people like you.

“Thank you for all the support. It's been wonderful. I would definitely recommend The Mustard Seed to people who are struggling or simply want to better themselves. I’m so grateful for what is being offered here.”

If you or someone you know is struggling – you are not alone, we are here for you. We offer employment support, counselling, housing advocacy, mental health support, and spiritual care. Please visit to find out what programs and services are available in your city.