Edmonton Communities Launch the Boyle McCauley Mobile Health Clinic Bus

On January 22, The Mustard Seed (TMS) along with community partners, Mint Pharmacy, Boyle McCauley Health Centre, and TELUS Health introduced The Edmonton Boyle McCauley Mobile Health Clinic at the Mustard Seed’s 96th Street building. Powered by TELUS Health, the mobile bus will provide multidisciplinary healthcare to vulnerable individuals at Mustard Seed Community Hubs throughout Edmonton.

The morning kicked off with a media tour where guests had the opportunity to take a sneak peek inside the mobile van that will offer full-scope medical services as well as pharmaceutical and advocacy services to community participants. The van will be staffed by medical professionals along with an advocate and pharmacist in the community hub. Community participants will have access to services such as immunizations, flu-shots, wound care, and general check-ups.

Jacqueline Kanini, a Wellness Advocate for TMS gave a powerful speech about how the Mobile Health Clinic makes it possible for those in need to receive patient-centered care without experiencing barriers such as not having a permanent address or a government-issued health care card.

“We work towards lowering and removing barriers to accessing resources for individuals with lived experiences of homelessness and poverty,” said Jacqueline.

“Our community participants accessing the Mobile Health Clinic are marginalized, vulnerable and stigmatized populations and when advocacy supports are provided to our participants accessing the Mobile Health Clinic, the process of achieving stability and creating sustainable living has a greater impact.”