April 12, 2021

Supporters Help Residents Thrive at Open Door Manor

"Helping people into housing, and helping them maintain housing is at the core of ‘Loving thy neighbour’…"

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April 12, 2021

Supporters Help Create New Beginnings at Westwood Manor

For those who are experiencing homelessness, having access to housing and supports at a site like Westwood Manor can be…

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April 12, 2021

Housing Support Programs Help Create Lasting Positive Change

Finding safe, stable, and affordable housing is a major challenge for people experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty.

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July 9, 2018

How God Picked Me to Work at The Mustard Seed Shelter

“So what made you want to work here?” This is a common question I’m asked whenever I give tours here…

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May 29, 2018

Better Together: A Year after the Mosaic Centre Merger

June 15, 2018 will mark 365 days since The Mustard Seed merged with northeast Edmonton’s Mosaic Centre. Like any other…

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February 1, 2018

Employment: A Key to Ending Homelessness, Relieving Poverty and Finding a Pathway to Peace

Who am I? I am a lot of things. I am a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend, just to…

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October 3, 2017

A Little Help Can Go a Long Way

Emily came to The Mustard Seed to access support from our advocates. The advocates mentioned the other services offered…

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September 28, 2017

Dustbin Treasures

Where have they been, Divorced and now reclaimed. Have they danced? Have they paired?

Homelessness, Poverty, Staff

September 27, 2017

10 Minutes of Your Time Can Change Someone’s Life

One of our staff received this simple note of gratitude from one of our guests. This is why we do…

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September 13, 2017

A Perspective on Death at The Mustard Seed

A guest of The Mustard Seed passed away last week. This happens enough, but we will literally never get…

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May 29, 2017

The Shoes

I opened the door to see what state the Clothing Room was in. It was a day just like any…

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May 24, 2017

How do the Homeless See Themselves?

Have you ever caught yourself looking in a mirror and the image was like seeing yourself for the first time?

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August 30, 2016

What My Internship Meant to Me

At the beginning of our internship, Brittany Vine, Community Engagement Manager, had all of us interns make goals for the…

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August 30, 2016

If the Shoes Fit

Working at the Personal Assistance Centre (PAC) has given me a chance to work one-on-one with a lot of community…

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February 11, 2016

The Mustard Seed’s Work is a Labour of Love

The work of The Mustard Seed is only possible because of the dedicated individuals who give their time to love…

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January 6, 2016

The Perfect Fit

A lovely lady came into the store at The Mustard Seed one evening. Her coat was very worn out and…

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December 3, 2015

Jesus Was Homeless Too

Almost no one thinks of Jesus and homelessness as being connected. Yet we read in Luke 9:58: “Jesus replied, ‘Foxes…

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October 27, 2015

The Gift of Hope Inspires the Gift of Art

A few months ago, an older gentleman came into my office carrying a large plastic bag. He greeted me with…

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July 22, 2015

Stop Stereotyping Homelessness

By Tanner - Writing about his experience after a Social Issues Walk with Ben and Jeremiah, Community Engagement staff from…

Community Engagement, Staff, Edmonton