Changing Lives, One Child at a Time

Are you familiar with our Neighbour Centres? We’re very excited about all the programs that are helping youth in the community. Through our work at our Neighbour Centre, we get to see firsthand how love, hope and community can change a kid’s life – and help to chart a course out of the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Our programs are growing and we are helping more and more people every month at the Neighbour Centre, but we wanted to go beyond our centre to create an opportunity to a life-changing experience for youth.

This summer, The Mustard Seed Neighbour Centre is collaborating with Camp Caroline to offer 25 youth the opportunity to go to camp.

Why is The Mustard Seed involved with a Summer Camp?

We’ve seen firsthand how our programs and activities combined with the love of God bring hope to youth in need.

This is where Camp Caroline comes in. For the first time, we’re partnering with a Christian Summer Camp to send youth for a one-week summer program.

As a Christian organization, Camp Caroline aligns with the heart of The Mustard Seed Ministry and we’re asking you to partner with us to send a kid – who would otherwise not have the chance – to camp for a week of unforgettable experiences.

The Mustard Seed and Camp Caroline:
Opening up a new world for youth

Something extraordinary happens when a young person slips away from the rhythm and routine of their life to visit Camp Caroline.

“I have seen firsthand the difference even the shortest stay has on a young person as they discover the story of God’s amazing love and the power of community,“ says Ben Trites, Executive Director at Camp Caroline.

“The presence of God in the camp cultivates special moments. Moments that encourage faith. Moments full of redemptive potential. And in these moments a person encounters God’s presence and purpose for their life and relationships,” explains Ben.

Since 1973, Camp Caroline has been committed to creating environments designed to encourage life-changing experiences. “Our focus is on creating a Christ-centred atmosphere, allowing youth to focus on connecting with one another and with God,” said Ben.

John 10:10 captures the heart of the vision for the camp: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

This scripture also captures how we see The Mustard Seed working with Camp Caroline to bring hope and healing families in need.

Discover the warmth of their hospitality

Located in the serene foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Camp Caroline is a premier year-round Christian camp.

It is located on a serene 320-acre property tucked away near the quaint town Caroline.

The camp offers young people a sense of belonging at a critical stage in their lives through the power of human connection. While having fun, they learn about:

  1. leadership

  2. how to be part of a team

  3. ways to challenge themselves

  4. personal creativity

  5. the power of building community and friendships

Young people become part of a community of friends that can last a lifetime, creating memories that they carry with them as they grow through life. They won’t remember their best day of television, but they certainly will remember the best day they had at camp.

Activities at the camp include:

  • Swimming

  • High rope

  • Laser tag

  • Ziplines

  • Axe throwing

  • Wall climbing

  • Whitewater rafting

How to sponsor a young person for camp?

With the help of generous donors like you, we hope to cover the cost of 25 kids to attend camp and give them a week of unforgettable, life-changing experiences. We cannot do this without your support.

For $500, you can send a young person to camp for one week and give a little bit of “unforgettable” to a youth who greatly needs it.

Whether you give $500 or $50, your gift will give a youth access to a life-changing experience at Camp Caroline this summer.

Thank you for your support.