Dave’s Wish Comes True

After being homeless for five years, Dave finally got his Christmas wish: a place of his own.

Dave said he recalls the years of struggle he went through to find housing in Edmonton. With five of his housing applications rejected, he was beginning to lose hope that he would ever get off the streets.

“I kept getting rejected for housing because I was told that I did not meet the criteria. I was already recovering from my addictions and working on my issues, which ironically didn’t make me as eligible for housing as one would think,” said Dave.

When Dave started coming to The Mustard Seed for evening meals and clothing, he said he started to find hope through the people he met there. He even began giving back to others in need.

“Even though I was homeless I was so grateful to The Mustard Seed for what they were doing for me, so I began volunteering at the evening E-closet program and doing my part to give back. I was able to help so many other people living on the streets with basic things like a winter coat, and these people were thanking me! I was so grateful to help.”

Dave said as he spent his evenings at the 96th Avenue church building, he began getting to know Mario, the Street Level Manager. After many conversations, Mario discovered that Dave was about to be kicked out of a nearby shelter because he had reached the maximum length of stay.

“That’s when Mario told me about the housing program at Westwood Manor,” Dave said, “which I didn’t know about at the time. He quickly connected me with the Westwood team and within a week I was able to move in.”

Dave was welcomed into his furnished suite with a special Christmas hamper full of cleaning supplies, toiletries, and hygiene products. He said he just loves his new place and can’t wait to start a Bible study within the building.

“I haven’t had my own bed to sleep on in five years. I am just so grateful to God and The Mustard Seed for helping me.”