Donations Are Always Gratefully Accepted

Your donations of clothing, hygiene items (including diapers) and household items are so important to the people we serve at The Mustard Seed’s Personal Assistance Centre (PAC).

Many people who are experiencing poverty are grateful for the items they can pick up at PAC; it means the money they do have can be used for other basic needs. However, we know that many community participants are unable to make it to PAC so we also offer the E-closet (an emergency closet) at the church building.

The E-closet is one of the most amazing closets you will ever see. It’s not fancy, or full of shoes, but it provides so much to the people we serve.

Brian, a member of The Mustard Seed Street Level team, says that the E-closet is primarily for people living in the river valley or on the streets. “We provide blankets, warm jackets, we will give them candles for warmth, and gloves, mitts and toques.”

Throughout the year community participants request underwear and socks which is why The Mustard Seed can always use more donations of those two items. Brian says, “because they don’t have laundry facilities to use they will actually use the E-closet to get a change of clothing for themselves.”

In addition, we keep some unique items in our E-closet such as, crutches, adult diapers and glasses. We know these are items people living on the streets may need from time to time and simply can’t afford.

Emergency food hampers are also available for anyone experiencing homelessness or poverty.

People can “shop” at PAC, Tuesday, 5 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. and Monday & Thursday, 1 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. PAC is laid out like a store, but everything is free. The E-closet is open at 8 pm Monday to Saturday at the church building.