Dustbin Treasures

Where have they been,
Divorced and now reclaimed.
Have they danced?
Have they paired?
Were they once well-heeled?
They stick out their tongues
Exposing their souls.

Once fresh and new
They ran and danced
Oblivious to their own decay.
Tiptoeing through meadows
Now crawling through minefields
Of needles and pain.

No safe rest…
Removal means Re-move-all
Regained by another. Wanting
From the pain of life.

Death brings relief
But the dustbin is once again stirred
By one who hopes
For a moment of life
Never to be found.

Written as I watched a homeless guy looking for a pair of shoes in a dustbin. –John Rook, Managing Director (Calgary) & Director of Strategic Initiatives at The Mustard Seed