Celebrating 35 Years: A Former Shelter Guest Pays It Forward

The Mustard Seed is celebrating 35 years of ministry this year. Every month we will post a story from our archives to highlight the amazing journey that has shaped our organization.

Excerpt from The Mustard Seed Newsletter dated Winter 2011:

Three years ago, most people had written Jason off as a lost cause. Drug addiction ruled his life, leaving him destitute and alone.

Bouncing between homeless shelters and treatment centres, he finally decided that "enough was enough.” He sought help and worked hard at getting his life back, one difficult step at a time.

When Jason was ready to look for a job, he felt a strong pull back to the shelter system. Wanting to use his experience to help others like himself, he applied for a job at The Mustard Seed—and got it.

Three years ago, Jason slept on the mats at The Mustard Seed Shelter. Today he is part of our Aftercare team, supporting men and women as they transition from the shelter into a home of their own.

“Aftercare is such an awesome opportunity to develop a relationship with guests and let them know that they aren’t alone, that there’s a way out,” says Jason.

“I want them to know that The Mustard Seed loves them, not as a statistic but as a human being.”

Jason is living proof that there are no lost causes.

With compassion, care and patient assistance, individuals can heal and move from the streets to a life of wholeness and community.

Because of your support, Jason sees stories of success and life change every day.

Thank you for providing new beginnings to those who society has written off.