Fresh Air for Fresh Starts

Hidden away in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp has been celebrating Christ through wilderness adventures for over 30 years. Having participated in the past, The Mustard Seed wanted to revisit the haven with some of our shelter guests.

After posting the sign-up sheet, there were 12 individuals who were on board to experience the power and majesty of God through a 5-day wilderness trip.

Our Chaplain’s and Director of Community and Spiritual Care, organized the excursion with hopes of giving our community participants some time to relax, find some serenity, and form some meaningful relationships – whether it was with God, other guests, or simply themselves.

“Having the opportunity to come up to camp in the mountains is beautiful,” Mike told us.

He was determined to attend the 5-day retreat as he felt it was important to come to terms with some of his anxieties.

“I’m about to move into an apartment when I leave here. So it’s important for me to get a certain part of my life rooted, especially once I go out (of the shelter).”

“Their lives are very stressful right now and it just seemed like this was their chance to not have to think about being homeless and just enjoy sharing stories of their past like old friends,” Chaplain David says.