Friendships & Culture: A Summer Camp Success

That’s a wrap! We concluded our two-week Neighbour Centre Day Camps and boy, were they busy.

Packed full of exciting games, activities, crafts, and adventures, kids who were between the ages of 5 – 13 were offered two full-time weeks of fun and new pursuits. The programs were free of charge and offered to families that otherwise would not have had the opportunity.

“Jorge really enjoyed the summer camp, and he made new friendships,” said one parent. “He loved the field trip and the crafts.”

Some of the programs and activities (but not limited to) included:

  • Field trips to the Calgary Zoo and Granary Road
  • A Mad Science class which involved learning about polymers and molecules from a “Mad Scientist” and conducting experiments (some slime time!)
  • Crafts where we witnessed the creation of some awesome friendship bracelets, marshmallow/toothpick towers, and team flags
  • Hip-hop & Zumba classes to get out all that energy

But one of the highlights and learning opportunities for the children and staff was the Indigenous Culture Awareness presentation and craft. Our speaker, Sarah Russell, incorporated her personal story as a Blackfoot woman and art installation creations to tell stories to the kids about river rocks and their background. She spoke about the ways of life for the Blackfoot tribe prior to and after the signing of Treaty 7 and its significance. The kids all painted two river rocks – one to take home and another to add to a community collaboration called the Painted River Rocks Art Installation.

“All in all, it’s been a great experience we got this summer,” one parent told us. “I’m also very grateful for your help in giving (my son) an opportunity to enjoy his summer while learning new things and making new friends.”
“(Both of my children) agree that the field trip was the best of the day camp and they wish it (camp) would go past the five-day period," was another parent’s feedback.

The Mustard Seed Neighbour Centre is grateful for the opportunity to put on these life-changing camps for children from low-income families. We want to thank our donors for their commitment and passion to providing hope and well-being to those in need, and for creating chances for vulnerable households.