A Generous Wedding Favour

A throwback to our Christmas 2007 newsletter where newlyweds Daniel and Deanne decided to replace their wedding budget, set aside for wedding favours, and donate it to The Mustard Seed.

Read an excerpt from the story below:

Why did you decide to donate to shelters instead of handing out party favours?

“…We looked at the total cost of the wedding favours and realized that we had over $1,000 to put to better use. We decided to donate it to various charities and it made us happier to know that we could be helping someone in need, rather than adding a few calories to the wedding dinner for all of us who certainly don’t need it!”

Why did you choose the Mustard Seed?

“We are all concerned about homelessness, and we know that giving out a few coins on the street is not always productive… or helping at all. And so The Mustard Seed is a great way to help through the proper “channels”.

Deanne and I are strong supporters of The Seed and the help you bring to the community. We only wish there was more like you doing this work. The idea of helping someone by offering a meal or a bed… and going beyond this to help with training and rehabilitation, and finding jobs, etc., is what makes the difference. It’s easy to throw money in a hat and think that we’re helping… but it’s much harder to truly help someone the way you do.

The Mustard Seed offers an opportunity for people like Deanne and I to give to a worthwhile cause, and to an organization which gives hope, provides guidance and support, and produces results for people in need.”