Giving From the Heart

This letter is from a young boy named Akhil, who chose to donate his pocket money to The Mustard Seed after learning about the hardships faced by people who are experiencing poverty and homelessness.

Akhil’s mother, Anitha, said her son was so affected after he read an appeal letter from The Mustard Seed that he felt he had to do something to help.

“I didn’t think of it; he just came up with it himself,” Anitha said.

When Akhil does well in school, he receives a cash reward that he can use to buy something he wants.

Akhil could’ve bought a toy or spent his money on treats, but instead he decided to support The Mustard Seed. His donation of $35.10, which might seem small to some, is the actual cost of providing 10 meals for men and women who otherwise would not be able to afford to eat.

At The Mustard Seed, we are so blessed to be recipients of your generosity and sacrifice.

Thank you Akhil, for giving from the heart.