He Did It All By Himself

Brian struggled with his finances for over two years. He was unable to work because of his declining health.

In an attempt to earn some money, Brian headed to cash corner – a stretch of street in Calgary where day labourers can find casual work for cash. It was on his way there he remembered that The Mustard Seed was directly down the street.

He specifically recalled meeting with Pastor Pat Nixon at The Mustard Seed back when the organization was just being launched in the big house on 13th Avenue. He mentioned he even helped bailed him out of jail at one time.

“So I went for a coffee (at The Mustard Seed) and decided to talk to an intake worker,” Brian told us.

After a mere one-hour drop-in appointment with an advocate, Brian had applied for Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH), scheduled regular no-fee appointments with a psychiatrist, and given a referral for a Christmas Food Hamper for him and his mother.

“I was really down in the dumps,” he told us. “But it’s coming along good now. I did it all by myself.”

When Brian first came into The Mustard Seed he told us he was feeling “like a 1 out of 10,” however; now he feels “like an 8.5” as our advocates were able to connect him with the necessary supports so he could get his life back on track.

Brian’s mother was so happy to hear that he was able to get the financial stability he needed and move forward with his life, that she made a decorative Christmas Tree for The Mustard Seed Wellness team to say thank you.