Food Service Support: Helping when help is needed

Lee, a local Hatter, had been working at Ralph’s Texas Bar & Steak House as a chef for 12 years. But unfortunately, because of the current COVID-19 crisis, he was laid off.

“We temporarily shut down until the end of this, so I thought let’s do something to help out, and get out of the house for a little bit,” he says.

He acknowledged it took a couple of phone calls and emails to get a hold of some of the non-profit food-service agencies in the city, but thankfully he ended up connecting with our Mustard Seed staff. Without hesitation, he offered his time and skill set, admitting he had always thought about helping out on his days off, even hoping to bring his kids.

“I thought if I could do this – help people that need help right now – then it’s worth it.”

Lee mentioned some of the extra precautions they’re taking in the kitchen right now to protect our guests, which included temperature checks, gloves, limiting the number of servers, and of course social distancing.

Currently volunteering four days a week, Lee helps prep meals and cook breakfast. After feeding about 100 people this past Thursday, he simply said:

“Anything to help out at this time.”