“I Felt Like I Was in a Family”

Last summer, through the generous support of our donors, The Mustard Seed and Camp Caroline helped transform the lives of 50 kids! For the first time, we sent youth from low-income families to the week-long camp to experience unforgettable – and the campers’ response was nothing short of “the most amazing summer of my life.”

We saw first-hand the extraordinary effects that forming new friendships, building confidence, and growing in faith can have on a child. So, there was no possible way we weren’t doing it again!

This year we’ve happily bumped our goal to 60 campers and need your help to get them there! We’ve also added three new camps to the lineup – Camp Chamisall, Camp Kakamun, and The Inside skateboard camp – expanding our reach to our families across the province.

The camps offer a variety of programs and activities, but more importantly unforgettable experiences for children of all ages. After speaking with kids from last year, it was clear that camp had no issues keeping them busy.

“I loved all of the activities at camp: horses, worship songs at campfire, zip-lining, slip-and-slide, and spending cabin time with my new friends,” says Angela. “I felt like I was in a family.”

We’re excited to reach out for your support, as there is no better feeling than helping transform a child’s life. This year, we’ve made it possible for everyone to get involved by providing a bunch of opportunities.

Help us gear-up a kid by filling a backpack!

A new opportunity this year includes gear. One thing we learnt from last summer is that some of our kids didn’t have everything they needed. The Mustard Seed naturally wanted to help but also extend the opportunity to our donors for $45.

Help us send them to camp!

Through the many family and youth programs at The Mustard Seed, we’re working hard to identify and serve those in need of support. Every day we’re connecting and building relationships with families to help meet their needs and build hope. After hearing from parents that camp was the “highlight of their summer” for their youth, we knew we needed to continue to nurture that hope into new beginnings.

Every child should get the chance to be a part of something unforgettable – especially when it promotes meaningful connections with other kids and developing a relationship with God. By helping us send 60 youth to camp this summer, you can also become a part of something extraordinary.

Thank you for your support!