Jerry Gives Back to The Mustard Seed

Jerry could barely contain his glee when he was told by The Mustard Seed Chaplain that he could host Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on Friday nights at our 96 Street church building.

This is God. I have no doubt about it. Every Friday night I scream in the parking lot, thank you Lord!” says Jerry.

Volunteering at The Mustard Seed was a no-brainer for Jerry. He distinctly remembers a time when The Mustard Seed supported him when he was struggling to make ends meet and barely had enough in his budget for food.

“I still remember when a friend told me to go down the street to the church building and said they will help you there.”

Jerry says his desire to facilitate the AA meetings mainly stems from his hope that he can share his story and wisdom with other community participants.

“I find that I identify with the community participants better than I do other people. I really enjoy the clients of The Mustard Seed because these people are interesting and have a lot of intellect. They are beautiful people.”

Jerry is currently studying to be an Addictions Counsellor and says his studies plus his past addictions and now being sober for 23 years gives him credibility with the community participants.

“I love these people. I am finally in a group of people at the Seed that I so identify with, yet I never grew up with. My experience in life helps me interacts with the people…the meetings are very intimate. Our meetings are a safe place to talk about difficult subjects. ”

Jerry hopes the AA meetings will encourage more men and women looking for help with their addictions to step forward and make a change in their life.

“I am really sensitive to not to make it my meeting. This is all of our meeting. My hope is that this meeting will become its own identity and others will step forward from the group and take it over.”