The Mustard Seed’s Work is a Labour of Love

The work of The Mustard Seed is only possible because of the dedicated individuals who give their time to love and care for the people we serve.

Stacey is one of those individuals. She is a Resident Support Worker at the 1010 Centre, our affordable housing tower.

This isn’t the path Stacey expected to take. She wanted to be an interior designer, but after some inner-city programs with her bible college at the time (one of which introduced her to the work of The Mustard Seed in Edmonton), her passions changed.

“I fell in love with the homeless population,” Stacey says. “I couldn’t justify designing people’s homes when people don’t have homes, let alone someone to love them.”

Stacey moved to Calgary to pursue a counselling program, and her long-term involvement with The Mustard Seed began. Over the last six years, she has been a volunteer, relief staff, a practicum student, and fulltime staff in a variety of areas.

“The Mustard Seed combines my passion for people and my passion for ministry,” Stacey says. “I love being able to be a part of people’s lives, walk alongside them and build trust.”

In her time at the Seed, Stacey has been able to do just that. Many of her colleagues have become like family, and she’s been a part of many journeys of progress in the lives of our guests.

Stacey ran into one of the first guests she met at The Mustard Seed. She had been praying for him for six years, and he told her that he’s doing well and had just gotten baptized.

“If all I was here for was to meet that person, pray for them and see their life change, then it has all been worth it.”