Nourishing the Body and Soul Through Meal Sponsorship

The kitchen at our emergency shelter is busy from morning until night. There are always people in there, cooking, cleaning and laughing. The staff and volunteers really have fun while they work.

Recently, a group of current and retired Telus employees was in the kitchen preparing and serving dinner to about 370 shelter guests. The Telus Community Ambassadors have been sponsoring meals and volunteering at The Mustard Seed’s shelter for 15 years.

Lesley, a Telus retiree says, “The guests are so thankful, so gracious, you feel like you’ve really done something here.”

The group has offered our shelter guests something very special over the years. The Telus volunteers are reliable, hard-working and cover the cost of the meal they prepare and serve. It’s such a wonderful gift.

The Telus Community Ambassadors sign up for meals twice a year. That means the group provides the manpower and the money through their own internal fundraising initiatives. In fact, the meal sponsorship program is so popular; the group has signed up for a third volunteer shift later this year to accommodate all the people who want to help in the kitchen.

Sarah, a current employee at Telus, says she was inspired to volunteer because, “I feel fortunate to have food, shelter and resources; if I can help other people too – it feels good.”

Margaret, one of the dedicated volunteers, says that becoming part of The Mustard Seed's meal sponsorship program has been a good experience. “It’s easy to organize and it’s not a lot of paperwork.” All it takes is one phone call to The Mustard Seed's Volunteer Resources Department.

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