Unmasking Homelessness: Meet Tony

Tony lost his mother, father, and brother-in-law in a tragic motorhome accident back in 1995. This traumatic event caused him to spiral into a world of substance abuse. One morning, after battling with drugs and alcohol, he looked into the mirror and decided he didn’t like the person looking back at him.

Many of our guests and clients at The Mustard Seed suffer from traumatic loss and fail to find the right resources to get them back on track. Tony is one of our community participants who found help and recovered physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Take a minute to watch Tony’s amazing story of courage and resiliency.

For people experiencing poverty along with traumatic events and severe injuries, kind donors like you can mean the difference between someone getting critical support and feeling all alone and helpless.

Will you make a gift of $35 to help bless someone like Tony?