$3.51 Provides More Than Just a Meal

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the well-being and safety of the people we serve.

Thanksgiving is close at hand and at The Mustard Seed, we have much to be thankful for!

Last year, we successfully served 10,800 meals every week to our guests. We recognize that a warm nutritious meal not only fills a belly of someone in need but also allows them to put their best foot forward when building hope for a brighter future.

During Thanksgiving, we want to ensure our guests feel the gifts of the season. Just one meal – costing only $3.51 – is the first step towards getting back on track. This small donation provides physical nourishment for someone who is hungry but also gives them all of the love and comfort that comes with it.

This year we talked to Bruce, a guest of The Mustard Seed:

“Ever since I began my work here at The Mustard Seed, I never take food for granted. I know what a blessing it is to have groceries in the fridge and Thanksgiving plans on the horizon. To go to bed full and satisfied. To know that I will eat again at breakfast time.”

Because of the support from our generous community and donors, Bruce was able to join us for a meal. He felt accepted and safe, and began to nurture hope into new beginnings – and that’s what he did.

One day, Bruce stopped in to visit our staff at The Mustard Seed, and he told us I’ve found work!”

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Bruce’s story reminds us that the holidays are a lonely time for those who live on the street. With a special gift of $3.51, we can help ease that burden and allow our guests to feel included and loved during a time where they may need it most.

Help provide a Thanksgiving meal for someone in need.