January 29, 2016

The Ripple Effect

It is so easy to forget the impact our actions have on others. As the Community Engagement Coordinator for The…

Give Back, Kids, Students, Hope

January 26, 2016

Employment Team Hosts Job Fair for the Homeless

Sustainable employment is one of the key steps in getting people out of a cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Events, Homeless, Employment

January 25, 2016

Donors Make Safe and Affordable Housing Possible

Darren moved into The Mustard Seed’s 1010 Centre in May 2014. He has struggled with addiction most of his life,…

Calgary, Story, Homelessness, Housing, Residents, 1010 Centre

January 22, 2016

Serving the Community with Help from the Church

The Church has been a part of The Mustard Seed’s work from the very beginning. In fact, the initial idea…

Community, Support, Church

January 18, 2016

Hope Grows at The Mustard Seed’s 1010 Centre

When Michael moved into the 1010 Centre a year and half ago he says he felt “immediate warmth” from the…

Calgary, Mental Health, Story, Addiction, Recovery, Housing, Residents, Hope, 1010 Centre

January 14, 2016

Acts of Kindness from Students

Here at The Mustard Seed, we see acts of altruism every day – often from school children. In fact,…

Give Back, Kids, Youth, Students

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