When Colin moved into the 1010 Centre in October 2015, he had done a lot of research about what he needed to do to give himself the best chance of success. He applied at The Mustard Seed’s 1010 Centre because it provides permanent, affordable, supportive housing.

“I knew that after I left treatment, it wasn’t going to be enough. I knew I would need some sort of stable housing,” says Colin.

For much of his life, Colin has struggled with addiction. “It’s amazing quickly life can come crashing down,” he says. Ten years ago, his struggle put him on the streets for about 18 months. Through a journey that has had many ups and downs, Colin decided he was ready for change and wanted “safe, sober living.”

He now describes The Mustard Seed as a “one-stop shop.” He has received support with his recovery and has accessed to one-on-one counseling, and he says the spiritual care that has come from his relationship with our Downtown Chaplain has been the most important thing.

“I can’t stress enough the value that The Mustard Seed has held over that past year in my life,” Colin Says. “The Mustard Seed was always behind me. I’m not holding on for dear life anymore.”

For Colin, a big part of his recovery has been being available to help others and give back to the community. Soon after he moved into the 1010 Centre, he began volunteering at The Mustard Seed, and shortly after that he joined the team as a receiver during the Christmas season – a friendly face, accepting donations from generous Calgarians.

“Calgarians are very giving. It was a lot. I couldn’t believe the number of filled socks and backpacks,” Colin says.

Reflecting on his experience at The Mustard Seed, Colin says, “It’s been 10 out of 10. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”