Sharing in Kamloops is Worth Millions

Expired food and produce that Kamloops stores can’t sell is getting new life thanks to the collaborative foodSHARE project developed and implemented by the Kamloops Food Bank.

Years ago, before foodSHARE, so much food would end up thrown away in the local landfill. Today in Kamloops, 1.5 million pounds of close-dated perishable product per year has been diverted from the landfill and delivered instead to 7,000 grateful Food Bank clients, 45 community agencies, and six farms who used expired product for animal feed, making this a zero-waste initiative. This food has a retail value of nearly 4 million dollars. Directly benefitting from this program is The Mustard Seed Kamloops.

“Our Chefs are so pleased to work together with the Kamloops Food Bank,” said Diane Down, Managing Director of the Mustard Seed Kamloops. “Each week, they go to the Food Bank and have an opportunity to select fresh produce, milk, cheese, and meat to add to their recipes. This means the 42,000 meals we serve in our community each year have even more variety to help nourish those we serve. It’s truly remarkable to be a recipient of this wonderful program.”

The long-standing partnership with The Mustard Seed Kamloops is truly valued by the team at the Food Bank.

“We are dedicated to this initiative,” said Bernadette Siracky, Executive Director of the Kamloops Food Bank.

“We deliver healthy products including meat, dairy, produce, and bakery items to The Mustard Seed that support their daily meal programs. This healthy product is key to ensuring nutritious food is available to their guests 7 days a week. Food recovery ensures that food goes to people instead of landfills. It is the right thing for individuals, our community, and our environment”.