She Continues To Move On Up In The 1010 Centre

Jessica is an all-star resident!

Back in March, she was interviewed by the Calgary Herald newspaper and we got a tiny glimpse into her life and journey at The Mustard Seed. We realized the compassionate soul Jessica was, and couldn’t have more admiration for all of the emotional and physical barriers she has overcome. To this day, she continues to give back.

She runs games night on Saturdays where she organizes the residents and what they play, she helps with the community gardens, where they planted flowers and vegetables this season, and she also recently made plans to speak to a group of SEEDschool students.

Not only is she a blessing to our organization, but also a true warrior for having undergone surgery 5 times for Noonan syndrome since her diagnosis.

“No living situation is perfect and there’s always going to be people who complain,” she told us. “But the staff are there for you when you really need them.”

We were thrilled to hear she had received such a positive response towards the newspaper article from not only her friends and family, but also from her Noonan Facebook group as well as her principal back from her elementary school days. “It was like opening a time capsule,” she said.

Jessica moved into the 1010 Centre in November 2014. She was one of our first residents. She was given a bachelor suite (approximately 434 square feet) and has lived there ever since — until now!

A week ago, Jessica was approved for a one-bedroom suite. “It’s more like a home, more separate. A private sanctuary for my room,” she explains.

Before moving into the 1010 Centre, Jessica was couch surfing and actively searching, with some friend’s help, for a home to call her own. She had lived with her mother before that and has aspirations that she will again one day.

“I didn’t think I’d be on my own at 20 because my mom would get sick and we wouldn’t have rent,” she told us. “Once we’re financially ready, we’ll move back in together.”

Until then, Jessica continues to advocate for The Mustard Seed by giving back and being a shining star in the community. She was just recently given the keys to her one-bedroom and with the help of her friends, will begin moving this Wednesday! She told us the housewarming party is set for the end of the month.