What to Donate to The Mustard Seed While Spring Cleaning

Did you know that by doing some spring cleaning you can help support those experiencing homelessness in your community? It’s really simple! As you are going through all your stuff and finding things you don’t use anymore, bag it up and donate it your local Mustard Seed shelter.

We also take way more than just clothing donations, other items we are often in need of are:

1. Work clothes and steel-toed boots.

Many of our guests have jobs that require work wear and work boots but don’t have the funds to purchase. If you have some lying around that don’t fit you anymore or aren’t getting used, consider donating them to The Mustard Seed.

2. Books, notebooks, and craft supplies.

We like to offer different kinds of programming for our guests that visit and stay with us at our shelters. In Medicine Hat we offer art programming a couple times a week and the supplies we use is all by donation. Have extra supplies around that isn’t getting used? Donate it to us and it will be put to good use!

3. Towels and blankets.

We are always in need of towel and blanket donations (new or lightly used) for our shelters. Guests that stay at our overnight shelters are given blankets to sleep on our mattresses and towels if they want to shower. We wash all these items but as more guests come through, we are often in need of more of these commonly used items.

4. Reusable water bottles

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of water bottles sitting around that I don’t use. For those experiencing homelessness, having a reusable water bottle is really helpful because then they can fill it up at any public drinking fountain or potable water tap in the city. When you are cleaning out your cupboards this spring and find a bunch of water bottles, consider donating them to The Mustard Seed to help your vulnerable neighbours.

Keep those experiencing homelessness in mind this spring as you are going through your closets and decluttering. Donating some of these items to our shelters could make a big difference in someone’s life!