A Mustard Seed staff member recounts a recent interaction she had with a community member while working at the Personal Assistance Centre in Edmonton:

A lovely lady came into the store at The Mustard Seed one evening. Her coat was very worn out and it didn’t appear to be warm enough for the cold weather. I felt God urging me to approach this particular woman and so I went up to her and asked if I could pray for her. A look of hope flashed across her face as she replied, “Yes!”

I laid my hands on the woman’s shoulders and quietly sent up a prayer. The woman said that a peace came over her and expressed her appreciation for the uplifting prayer and encouragement. After the prayer, I noticed she was having difficulty finding a winter jacket that would fit from the coat rack.

I went to the back where we kept the unsorted clothes to see if there was something in her size. A few minutes later I was so thrilled to find a brand new coat that still had the price tag on the sleeve. It was even a trendy three-quarter-length coat with a nice faux fur trim on the hood. Most importantly, the jacket looked warm! With hope it would fit, I eagerly approached the lady and offered the new jacket. Her eyes lit up with joy as she stared at the coat. Without hesitation she removed her old worn out coat and quickly tried on the new one. It fit perfectly!

Her smile couldn’t have been bigger. She patted the midsection of the coat and exclaimed: “I have a new coat!” During her remaining time in the store she kept circling back to me with an elated smile saying, “I have a new coat!”

Thanks to God’s guidance and the generous donations of the community, this lady received a lovely gift just in time for Christmas.