The Mustard Seed Celebrates its Volunteers

On April 20th, we celebrated our volunteers and their dedication to help those in need. For over three decades, volunteers hand in hand with the staff at The Mustard Seed, have shown an unwavering commitment to serving people experiencing poverty and homelessness. Whether it is at the 1010 Centre, the Downtown Support Centre, the Foothills Shelter or the Resource Sorting Centre, our volunteers work tirelessly to make people in need feel loved and accepted.

In 2016, 12,000 unique individuals volunteered at The Mustard Seed. Collectively, they contributed 55,000 hours of selfless service to our organization. At the Foothills Shelter, volunteers help with meal preparation and serving it to guests who are often weighed down by the challenges of poverty and homelessness. At the 1010 Centre, they are dedicated to leading and assisting with activities that are designed to create an atmosphere of friendship and community for our residents. When they work behind the scenes in the office or at the Wellness Centre, volunteers bring in their specialized skill-set and aid with major projects filling in important gaps for The Mustard Seed.

“Volunteers have been a vital component of meeting our guests’ and residents’ needs,” says Andrew Gusztak, our Volunteer Resources Manager.

Because of volunteers’ support, we are able to direct funds towards programs and services that benefit those in need the most.

Our volunteers come from different backgrounds. They represent different age, race, education, gender and religious groups. Despite their diversity, they share a common goal – a desire to help their neighbours and invest in their communities. Together with the staff, our volunteers are active agents of change for those we serve.

“Volunteers have helped change countless people looking for a hand up in our organization.”

From all of us at The Mustard Seed, thank you for all the hard work that you do to support those in need.