The Mustard Seed Edmonton Opens an Emergency Winter Shelter South of the River

For individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty south of the river, the Neighbour Centre is the only adult drop-in centre that provides essential programs and services to over 250 individuals.

Unfortunately, 59% of the individuals that access the Neighbour Centre are sleeping rough and do not have a nearby shelter to go to.

This winter, The Mustard Seed partnered with Trinity Lutheran Church to open an Emergency Winter Shelter, which will provide individuals sleeping rough with a warm place to sleep.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Shaw Family Foundation, The Mustard Seed is able to provide operational support for the Emergency Winter Shelter. The shelter will run until the end of April and provide up to 40 mats each night. Participants can sign-up for a spot every day through The Mustard Seed Neighbour Centre.

“When The Mustard Seed sees a need, we address it,” says Dean Kurpjuweit, Managing Director of The Mustard Seed Edmonton.

“The need to provide additional services for the homeless on the south side has been apparent to us since our merger with the Neighbour Center two plus years ago. We are excited to open up a Stage One Housing First Center on the south side of Edmonton, to provide over night services to the homeless in south Edmonton. By doing this, we intend to not only give relief to those who would otherwise sleep outside during the winter months, but to work with participants to find them suitable, permanent housing.”

This winter you can provide shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness south of the river. For $35, you can ensure one person for the night has a safe place to lay their head.