The Mustard Seed volunteers transform lives in Red Deer

For over 30 years, volunteers have been a source of incredible support for The Mustard Seed. As an organization that is committed to building community, growing hope and supporting change for people experiencing poverty and homelessness, our reliance on volunteers’ support cannot be underestimated. Particularly, now that we have expanded our ministry to include the Red Deer area.

Our mission at The Mustard Seed remains the same for Red Deer – to build hope and wellbeing for our most vulnerable citizens through Jesus’ love.

“Volunteers contribute immensely to the success of The Mustard Seed. Their commitment, passion and kindness are having a direct impact on the lives of those who need it the most,” says Byron Bradley, Director of Central Alberta.

In Red Deer, in just a short time and with limited resources, our volunteers have been doing a wonderful job at preparing meals, serving guests, helping with office work and leading Bible study groups. However, as the demand for our services increases in the city, our need for more volunteers to join our team continues to grow. At present, we have two programs running at full speed in Red Deer — the meals for guests program and the school lunch program. Both require a steady stream of volunteers to keep running.

Throughout our history, we have counted on the support of many volunteers to provide different services to men and women experiencing poverty and homelessness. Volunteers sacrifice their time, effort and money to transform lives. Their contribution to The Mustard Seed’s mission has and continues to impact lives, influence communities and imprint a Christ-centred mindset in us all.

“Our volunteers are valuable partners of The Mustard Seed. Without them, we could not offer the programs that we do,” says Bradley.