Celebrating 35 Years: Trevor’s Journey to Recovery

The Mustard Seed is celebrating 35 years of ministry this year. Every month we will post a story from our archives to highlight the amazing journey that has shaped our organization.

Excerpt from The Mustard Seed newsletter dated Fall 2014:

Trevor will tell you that there were a few vital factors that played a role in his journey to recovery – his faith, his family, and his Mustard Seed Support Worker, Sherry. The British Columbia native who entered an addictions recovery program for alcohol and gambling in March 2014 said the process became easier for him knowing he had his support system there for him every step of the way.

At the age of two Trevor says he was exposed to alcohol and as he got older his addiction to the substance only got worse.

“Alcohol has always been a part of my life as far as I can remember. Even when I was living in a foster home with my sister we would find ways to go into the liquor cabinet together,” said Trevor.

When he turned 15, Trevor developed a gambling problem which soon turned into another addiction for him. He notes that his new addiction began shortly after meeting his biological dad.

“When I was 15 I remember hitchhiking with a friend of mine and being picked up by the police because I was underage. Even though the law stated they were supposed to send me back to my public guardians I was let go. I remember feeling like I was not worth the paperwork or trouble for anyone.”

It took Trevor several years to begin seeking professional help and after he focused on his faith and got baptized he began seeking out other ways to make changes in his life. During one of his visits to the TMS Church, Trevor felt drawn to Sherry a Support Worker with whom he felt more than comfortable sharing his struggles and ambitions with.

“I met Trevor on my second day working here at The Mustard Seed and we’ve been working together ever since. He told me about his struggles with depression and addiction and together we worked through it,” said Sherry.

As the final link in his puzzle, Trevor was able to work with Sherry and find a recovery program that would help him tackle his addictions. He comments that going through recovery with a support system helped him advance faster through the program than others who did not have any support.

“Sherry went over and above and did way more than was required of her to help me. The phone calls, the texting it really brightened up my day,” said Trevor.

Now graduated from his recovery program, Trevor looks forward to his new employment in which he will be working in the kitchen and administrative duties. He speaks about a budding relationship with his daughter and even his need to give back to others.

“Now I walk around and look for other people that might need help too and encourage them to try their best to enter into recovery. They listen to me and respect me more because they see the changes in me.”