Serena Mah, Communications Consultant for The Mustard Seed writes about the generosity she experienced over Thanksgiving and her first impressions with the non-profit organization.

It’s been 10 months since I left CTV news as a journalist. I’ve re-invented myself as media, communications consultant. I still tell stories and I still meet amazing people. My recent work with The Mustard Seed is a gold mine for the soul.

“Time for Turkeys” attracted great kindness. On her coffee break at Save on Foods, Mai donated 10 turkeys. People lined up asking “what can I do to help?” Some bought gift certificates; others dropped cash into the donation box. Others gifted their time.

Brenda tells me her self-worth “sky-rocketed” after she began volunteering. Brenda remembers a time not too long ago when it was the opposite, when she felt like she was “nothing," when she fled domestic abuse. She tells me “he stripped me of everything, my self worth, my self esteem. He took everything.” In February, she began rebuilding. She started volunteering at P.A.C. The Personal Assistance Centre is where donated clothing, shoes, toiletries, and household items are available in a pop up store for the underprivileged. Cathy, a mom of two, on AISH told me “Sometimes you have to choose between food and clothing. This allows you to choose your items and gives you some dignity." Brenda feels it too and says now she feels as if “she has everything.” She’s not where she wants to be just yet. She’s gone back to school and she’s on her way.

The Mustard Seed collected 247 turkeys for Thanksgiving. Hundreds of people will now receive a warm meal. Thank you. To Mai, Brenda, Cathy, and others, thank you for sharing your stories. This holiday, I am thankful I was able to witness goodwill in action.