Volunteers are the Roots of our Community

Volunteers at The Mustard Seed are passionate about helping others. Often volunteers work with us for years, and their passion turns into a career at The Mustard Seed.

Erin has been with the Mustard Seed since 2008. She started out as a volunteer and has since become a full-time support worker at The Mustard Seed shelter.

Erin began volunteering at The Mustard Seed after discovering she had a gift for serving people who are experiencing homelessness.

“I lived in an area near the Max Bell Arena where there were lots of homeless individuals. I would go for walks in the area, and bring them food and talk to them.”

Not only was she helping others, Erin says by volunteering at The Mustard Seed, she was also helping herself.

“I was going through a difficult time spiritually. I was searching for God and trying to make sense of my own life,” Erin says.

Erin thought that a place like The Mustard Seed would be a good avenue for her to continue the outreach she had started on her own.

While she was volunteering, she was also working as a Unit Clerk at a hospital, a job she says didn’t give her the satisfaction she was looking for.

“It just wasn’t my calling,” Erin says. “I wanted to help people in a more direct way.”

“The rewards and what you receive from volunteering here are more than what you would ever give,” Erin says.

Her passion for helping others went from volunteering to a job with The Mustard Seed; a role that she says she finds very rewarding.

“There is such a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction knowing that you’ve helped someone who’s experiencing a difficult time.”