Mustard Seed’s Women Empowerment Day: Teaming up with local businesses

February 12 was a great day! We teamed up with some local businesses to host a Women’s Empowerment event day at The 96th Street Building to raise awareness about confidence and self-love for women who struggle with self-esteem issues.

Businesses in the downtown core provided complimentary mini cosmetic makeovers, massages, and manicures followed by breakfast and a hot lunch. What made the day really special was the opportunity for guests to network with local female business leaders and entrepreneurs in the community.

Our goal for the event was to “leave no woman behind,” forging a new approach to empower women with an emphasis on inclusivity for vulnerable female populations in the city. The event was able to capture the essence of community and a sense of belonging to women who may otherwise feel isolated.

“We are building relationships and we want to create a level playing field for everyone and this is just a part of it,” said Sally Martin, Street Level Program Coordinator.

Community participant, Melissa Fraser, is a recovering addict who has been sober for eight months. She hopes to be a motivational speaker one day to share her story of recovery.

“I’ve been abused my whole life; over 20 years,” said Melissa. “I enjoy this because I like helping women and it makes me feel good to help other people feel good.”

We would like to give a special thanks to our volunteers and community partners who helped to make this day possible!