Youth for Justice Raises Over $4000 for The Mustard Seed

Bishop Carroll High School Chaplain, Barb Fabijan-Waddell and two of the students from the Youth for Justice group.

Here’s an excerpt from the Chaplain’s letter to The Mustard Seed that arrived with the donations raised by the students.

Re: Food for Thought fast, Bishop Carroll High School

The Youth for Justice (Y4J) group at Bishop Carroll High School spearheaded a fundraiser for the Mustard Seed. This very active justice group in our school is interested in both educating our school community and supporting local and global organizations who work with some of the most vulnerable people in our world.

For this particular initiative, the students created posters giving information about the Mustard Seed, persons experiencing homelessness, and the fast. Twenty of us signed up to fast for 24 hours from noon on March 10 until noon on March 11. We each committed to getting at least five sponsors and at least $50 total in sponsorship. Most participants solicited much more in sponsorship.

We started the fast in prayer followed by a presentation by a Mustard Seed staffer. That evening we gathered to get to know one another better. We played cooperative games, talked about our fasting experience, and played a “homelessness” board game created by one of the participants – we had a lot of laughs, dispelled some myths associated with homelessness, committed to maintaining the fast through the night, and ended with prayer. We started in prayer the next morning as we counted down the last few hours of the fast, then gathered again for a chili and bun lunch to break the fast….

…Please know that this fast has been a great educational tool and a meaningful fundraiser for our entire school community. We are thrilled to support the great work you do with persons experiencing homelessness. Please know we will continue to hold you in thought and prayer. May your work be blessed and give glory to God.

Yours in Christ,

Barb Fabijan-Waddell, Chaplain

(This letter was published with permission.)