Steps to Host an Event

Let us know what you and your group has in mind by emailing: [email protected] and, we’ll be able to help provide resources or information on how to make it all come together. Where to start to plan a fundraising event:

1. Recruit your team
It takes time and energy to plan a successful event. Recruit a few dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers to share the workload.

2. Decide on the type of event you would like to host
Get creative – use the resources you have! Here are a few ideas:
• Dinner Party
• Workshop
• Car or Pet wash
• Garage Sale
• Work Department Challenge
• Run / Walk / Bike Event
• Socks & Underwear Drive
• Sporting Event
• Tournament
• Auction

3. Set your fundraising goal
Realistic fundraising goals are key to a successful fundraiser. If you prefer to host a collection drive, please see our list of most urgently needed items.

4. Schedule your event
Pick a date that will work for your target audience and your volunteers. We encourage you to check that your event’s date doesn’t conflict with other events that may be happening in your community that day.

5. Review our Fundraising Event FAQs
Answers to commonly asked questions and resources for the amazing people who fundraise for The Mustard Seed can be found further down this page.

6. Register your event with The Mustard Seed
Registering your event helps us stay in the know about the good things that our supporters are doing. It also helps us to determine your needs and gives us an opportunity to provide you with some additional resources. Once your event has been registered, we can provide:
• Our logo for use in your promotional materials. Please note that the use of our logo in conjunction with your event is not permitted unless your event has been registered with The Mustard Seed.
• Provide your participants with tax-receipts, according to our Tax Receipting for Events Guidelines
• Share additional support materials with you (banners, signs, images, videos, pamphlets or other content).

Register for your Event here

7. Promote and publicize your event
Flyers, social media posts, personal invitations, and other promotional materials will help make your event a success. All promotional materials containing our logo must be approved by The Mustard Seed to ensure that our brand standards are adhered to.

8. Collect funds
We ask that you collect and submit all donations to The Mustard Seed within 30 days of your event. If tax receipts are desired by your donors, please ensure that you have each donor complete a Special Events Donation Form and that you submit those forms to The Mustard Seed along with your donation.

More information on our Tax Receipt Guidelines are here.

9. Share your success and say thank you to your donors
Don’t forget this important step! Let your donors and volunteers know what your fundraising results were and be sure to acknowledge all of the people who participated in or supported your event.

Event FAQs

  • How do I pay for my fundraising event?

    All costs must either come out of the event proceeds or be paid directly by the event organizer. The Mustard Seed is not responsible for any of your event’s expenses.

  • What percentage of proceeds from my event need to go to The Mustard Seed?

    We like it best when events that have publicly named The Mustard Seed as their beneficiary remit 100% of their net proceeds to The Mustard Seed. If that isn’t possible or your intention, you must inform the public about how The Mustard Seed will benefit from your event or fundraiser. If The Mustard Seed will not receive all of the proceeds, then the exact percentage that benefits The Mustard Seed must be stated clearly on all event related publicity.

  • How do I collect and turn in the donations from my event to The Mustard Seed?

    It is extremely important to The Mustard Seed that donations to our charity, made through any and all channels, be handled with the utmost care.

    Option 1: If you’d prefer not to be in charge of any cash or personal information, ask the participants in your event to make a donation using our website. In the “I’m giving today because” section of the donation form, your donors can indicate your event’s name. Give your event a name and share it with your donors so we can more easily tally your fundraising totals (like #Mandyturns40 or Smith’s summer BBQ). Your donors will automatically receive a tax receipt for donations over $25 made through our website.

    Option 2: Collect cash, cheques (made payable to The Mustard Seed) and credit card donations from your donors. Keep track of the donations by using this donation form. At the end of your fundraiser, bring your donations and your donation forms to The Mustard Seed. Connect with us if you are unsure where to deliver your donations to.

  • How does tax receipting for events work?

    It is very important that you understand the rules about tax receipting before you plan your event. Determine if tax receipts are important to the people participating in your event. If the answer is no, then you can save yourself and The Mustard Seed a lot of time by deciding not to offer them. If the answer is yes, then be sure to review our Tax Receipting for Events Guidelines.

  • What do I need to know if I plan to organize a lottery or a bingo to support the Mustard Seed?

    If you are planning to organize a lottery, raffle, bingo, or other gaming activity, you may be required to register your event with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Visit for more information.

  • What do I need to know if I plan to serve alcohol at my fundraising event?

    If you are planning to serve alcohol at your event, you may be required to obtain a liquor license from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Visit for more information.

  • How can I let people know that my event is a fundraiser for The Mustard Seed?

    Please be sure to state that your event is “In support of The Mustard Seed” on your promotional materials. We would be happy to share an electronic copy of our logo with you so that you can use it on your promotional materials or invitations. To ensure that our brand standards are adhered to, note that the use of our logo in conjunction with your event is not permitted unless your event has been registered with, and your promotional and materials have been approved by, The Mustard Seed. To register your event, click Event Registration from the menu. To have your promotional materials reviewed and approved by The Mustard Seed, contact [email protected].

  • Will The Mustard Seed advertise or promote my event on their social media platforms?

    While there are exceptions, The Mustard Seed does not typically advertise or promote third-party events. We would love nothing more than to have your event introduce our mission and work to people who are not yet engaged members of our community. That said, we encourage you to post pictures and results from your event on your social media platforms.