Join your favourite streamers ad content creators in The Mustard Seed's Peer led fundraiser - Hope 2 Game. Play games with your friends, show off your crafting skills, create scrumptios dishes and more, all white LIVE! Help us eliminate homelessness and reduce poverty where we serve.



All you need to get started is a team name, a camera and content you'd like to stream! That includes gaming, crafting, cooking, signing, or anything else you'd like to share! Once you are ready to go, click the Start a Fundraiser button, and follow the instructions. Then share your stream with your friends and family to begin fundraising.


Hope 2 Game

About the Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed is a Christian organization with a mission to alleviate poverty and homelessness through acceptance, empowerment, and practical solutions. We care for those in need, by providing a safe, supportive haven where they can not​ only have their physical needs met, but can also grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We strive to create a meaningful difference within the community and in the lives of those facing poverty.​

At The Mustard Seed, we believe in helping people where they are at. We understand the value of going out into communities, providing supports to those in need, and working collaboratively to prevent people from falling deeper into the cycle​ of poverty. We know that poverty is no longer confined within the blocks of our downtown streets or city core; it is not kept to one particular corner of town or ward. There are individuals throughout our city seeking basic services, relationships,​ support – individuals in need of our help.​

As The Mustard Seed continues to grow, it is our hope to expand our reach and services across Canada. We will go where our help is needed; not for the sake of growth, but for the sake of seeing the transformation in someone’s life when they​ achieve wellness and independence.

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