Men’s Recovery Program

Offering accommodation, meals, and support in a sober living environment for men pursuing recovery primarily from drug and alcohol addictions.

About Men’s Recovery Program

The Mustard Seed provides access to a one-year supportive recovery program. We take a holistic approach to reintegration by including mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects into the program.

This program is specialized for individuals who are committed to successfully reintegrating into society with the goal of independent living and working on themselves to improve employability. Candidates must be looking to be coached and bring a can-do attitude. The program is geared toward those already in the process of sobriety and who have maintained at least five days of sobriety.

The Program
Programming includes the Mustard Seed Street School to help residents attain their Grade 12 diploma, employment coaching, mandatory volunteer hours, Interior Health Authority’s Smart Recovery Program, and housing advocacy. There will also be opportunities for spiritual growth with opportunities such as the Alpha Program. Residents are also required to attend weekly one-on-one meetings with coaches, engage in the 12-step Program, and volunteer. 

The program includes up to one year of supportive recovery. Residents will have their own bedroom and share a living space in a 17-room facility, with advocacy from trained staff who are on-site. 

“We’ll be working with residents to make sure they’re following through with their goals and plans. The goal is to make sure they have everything they need to be successful when they leave.”

-- Jeff Arlitt, Recovery Manager.

Meet Jeff

Jeff Arlitt is a caring and passionate advocate for people struggling with addiction. As the Recovery Manager, he relates and connects to the men that pass through this program on a deeper level because he has also struggled with addiction in the past.

“Working in the Men’s Recovery Program is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. I love helping as many people as I can, relating my experiences, and having conversations with them about their strengths and dreams.” 

Jeff will be working with residents on a one-on-one basis, producing a detailed and personalized program to make sure they have everything they need to be successful when they leave.  

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing our guys graduate from the program after completing all the courses and programs. It’s wonderful to see the changes in the men and have them make it through a year of sobriety. Graduations are big days for our team!” 


How do I apply?
Men can self-register directly or be referred by any social agency in the Thompson-Okanagan region.

How long is the Program?   
Residents can stay in the program for up to one year provided that the requirements are met.

What does it cost?
The Provincial government covers the cost of the program. Residents can also pay for themselves if they wish.

Am I allowed visitors?   
Visitations are done outside of the facility for everyone’s confidentiality and comfort.

Is there a curfew?   
10 p.m. on weeknights (Sunday – Thursday), 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday

What is the approach?   
We believe that incorporating all the aspects of health and wellness is critical to successful recovery. Each resident is allowed to tailor the program to their individual preferences, but all individuals must participate in activities that improve their personal, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health.

Is the facility accessible?

The facility is accessible for wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

How do I get around?   

Rides to certain appointments may be provided by staff, depending on availability. Public transit is also conveniently located in front of the building.

What if I decide that it is not for me?
Residents may leave whenever they like. There is no minimum residency requirement. 

Criteria for our Program:

  • Minimum of five days sober
  • Over 19 years of age & male
  • Experiencing drug or alcohol addiction
  • Funding in place, but not necessary – we will work with you!

Printable Application Form

Print the form, fill it out, and fax or email

Programs available

  • Alcoholics Anonymous 
  • Narcotics Anonymous  
  • Work BC
    Employment training/skills 
  • Interior Health Smart Recovery Program 
  • Urban Systems
    7 Habits of Highly Effective People 
  • Trauma Counselling 
  • Street School
    Done with Kamloops-Thompson School District 73 
  • Life skills
    Season’s Health 
  • Relapse prevention 
  • Volunteer options 


Mike H. 

“Growing up in Kamloops, I moved to the Lower Mainland to pursue my career as a chef. I got caught up in the party lifestyle of the restaurant industry and I made some bad choices, as I became an acholic and a drug addict. I moved back to Kamloops in search of a new lifethat’s when I got introduced to Jeff Arlitt and The Mustard Seed. They provided me an opportunity to get cleaned up and I took advantage of it. The Men’s Recovery Program offers many programs and courses – whatever you need help with, they can offer it to you. It’s a safe place to live and I feel comfortable here.” 

Brian M. 

“Once I hit rock bottom, I was done with drugs and wanted to give them up for good. The Men’s Recovery Program provided me with the resources I needed to get me going in the right direction.”

Andy G. 

“This Program changed my life for the better. I knew about the Program just from living in the area and hearing about it. The Men’s Recovery Program got me off the streets, off drugs, allowed me to obtain my high school degree and work part-time, all while having the flexibility to go through all the programs it offers.

Success Stories

Andy Gamble


More than two decades removed from his time at the Aldergrove Community Secondary School, Andy Gamble graduated with his Dogwood Diploma in March while living at The Mustard Seed Kamloops’ Men’s Recovery Program.

“It feels great to accomplish this,” said Gamble, a native of the Lower Mainland. “It’s something I’ve wanted to work towards for a long time, so I’m ready to move on to whatever is next.”

After his mother died in Grade 8, Gamble developed a drug addiction, which led to him dropping out of high school two years later. Since then, he slowly chipped away at his diploma, when he took math and English online through the New Westminster School District.

Gamble was accepted into Men’s Recovery Program last July. In November, he enrolled in the Continuing Education Street School Program – one of many programs offered to clients with desires to advance either work or school skills.

In a much smaller classroom than his high school days, Gamble put his nose down and went to work.

“Andy always showed up on time and got all his assignments completed by their due dates. He was a good example for the other students and worked hard,” said Amy Hilton, a teacher with Twin Rivers Education Centre.

Needing three classes to graduate, Gamble put the work in outside of the one-hour-per-week classroom setting that Mrs. Hilton was around for in order to fast-track his diploma.

Now with his high school education behind him, he will apply for the welding program at Thompson Rivers University, as his one-year mark in the Recovery Program approaches. Welding was a natural fit for him, as he has been doing maintenance work for the Mustard Seed as of lately, along with his work experience and career education classes through Street School.

“I really recommend taking this Program. It wasn’t intimidating and it was very manageable,” said Gamble. “Hopefully that the other guys seeing me graduate can inspire them and give them hope to graduate as well.”

What Gamble is happiest with is the fact that he finally completed his high school education and can move on to his next academic adventure.

Brian McPhail


Brian and his dog Pantera have been through a lot over the past decade and a half, with a few highs and several lows. Now, they get to celebrate an incredible milestone, as Brian has graduated from the Mustard Seed’s Men’s Recovery Program. A new beginning awaits them, all because of an exception made.

Now well into his 30s, Brian lost his mom at 15. Shortly after, he turned to drugs. As he spiralled out of control, he took in a female pit bull/border collie/Labrador retriever mix. Whenever Brian was down on his luck, Pantera (named after one of his favourite bands) was there to provide comfort and give him hope for better days.

“I needed my dog with me if I was going to get out of that lifestyle. She is my therapy dog and helps centre me. There was no way I was going to let her go or have her put down,” said Brian, who has lived with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) his whole life.

After a few too many trips to rock bottom, Brian realized he needed to turn his life around. He checked in with a few recovery programs in the area, but he kept getting the same answer: no pets.

One person was willing to talk and listen to Brian, Jeff Arlitt, the Recovery Manager at the Mustard Seed.

Finally, in a program he felt comfortable in, Brian began to excel.

He immediately took advantage of all the programs and courses available at his fingertips. Along with attending as many Narcotics Anonymous meetings as possible, he obtained 10 different classes and certification cards, which will allow him to pursue a career in construction or mining once he leaves the program.

“None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the Men’s Recovery Program and their ability to be flexible with me and my dog. It was a life-changing decision,” said Brian.

Brian plans to stay in the Men’s Recovery Program a little longer, as he continues to work on his addiction recovery, complete his high school education, obtain a few more certifications and looks for a pet-friendly place to live.



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