Bringing Hope in Saskatoon

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The Mustard Seed is excited to be extending our support to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In an effort to address the needs of vulnerable Saskatonians facing homelessness, The Mustard Seed will be providing new shelter spaces.

In Saskatoon, hundreds of individuals are experiencing homelessness and the challenges that come with it. With the aim of easing the burden of homeless and vulnerable community of Saskatoon, relatives will also have access to various wrap-around support available on site. And most importantly, relatives will be provided with 3 meals a day.

We are excited to work with the community to meet the challenges of those less fortunate than ourselves and to strengthen the safety net that assures support for all in need. In response to this need The Mustard Seed is opening new shelters and we will be providing guests with wrap-around support, including access to ID services, counselling, health, and wellness services as well as spiritual supports.

Stephen Wile - CEO - The Mustard Seed

Who is The Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed is a Christian non-profit organization that has been caring for individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty since 1984. Operating in six cities across Alberta and British Columbia, The Mustard Seed is a supportive haven where people can have their physical, mental, and spiritual needs met and grow toward greater health and independence.

We have been an agent of change for more than three decades, thanks to our donors, volunteers, and support from the community.

The Mustard Seed Sutherland Shelter FAQs

  • Who is The Mustard Seed?

    The Mustard Seed is a Christian non-profit organization that has been caring for individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty since 1984. Operating in seven cities across Western Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, and Kamloops.

    We exist to eliminate homelessness and reduce poverty in every community that we serve. We are dedicated to addressing poverty and homelessness by providing services to those in need in collaboration with the community and other organizations.

    Neighbourhood Information Session

    To know more information about the Neighbourhood Information Sessions, please click the link below:

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  • Where is The Mustard Seed Sutherland Shelter located, and why was this location chosen?

    In October 2023, the Government of Saskatoon announced a Provincial approach to Homelessness that included funding for new emergency shelter spaces in Saskatoon. 421 Central Avenue (former Fire Station #5) has been identified as a suitable location for an Emergency Residential Shelter for up to 30 individuals. It is anticipated to open as a temporary 30-bed emergency shelter in Spring 2024.

    Before the Central Avenue location may be used as a temporary emergency shelter, City Council must consider three items:

    • Removal of Municipal Reserve (MR) Designation
    • Below market value lease to the Government of Saskatchewan
    • Duration of Temporary Emergency Shelter (for a temporary operation up to 18 months)

    Feel free to direct any specific inquiries about the selection of the suggested location to the city

    of Saskatoon.

  • Who can stay at The Mustard Seed Sutherland Shelter?

    We provide comprehensive support to adults experiencing homelessness, poverty, and various challenges such as mental health issues, physical disabilities, and substance abuse disorders. Recognizing that approximately 95% of our clientele are Indigenous, we hope to collaborate with local agencies and organizations to meet their needs effectively. This specific shelter will welcome individuals experiencing homelessness with various on-site services available. The Sutherland shelter will be considered to have mid-acuity for level of complexity, individuals are required to be able to independently perform their activities of daily living including mobility, personal grooming, and other essential tasks, however we recognize that those who utilize the space will have a complexity of needs. Visitors must be capable of independent functioning within the facility. The use of illicit substances and alcohol is not permitted within the building or surrounding areas.

  • How does someone get admission to the shelter?

    Individuals can reserve a bed if they utilize the shelter the previous night, and any other spaces are accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not take direct referrals for spaces

  • Is this a drop-in space?

    No, The Mustard Seed Sutherland Shelter will not be a drop-in space.

  • How will people access the shelter from downtown?

    The shelter is on a direct transportation route with services provided by Saskatoon Transit to the downtown core, where additional services are found.

  • What is the procedure when the shelter is full and additional people show up?

    With the client’s consent, we will reach out to another shelter on their behalf to ensure they have available space, and we will connect with a local transportation service to enable them to go to another shelter safely.

  • What supports and services does The Mustard Seed Sutherland shelter provide?

    • Full access to shelter (24 hours a day, seven days per week) and three meals a day
    • Additional support services to connect clients to appropriate interventions, such as mental health and addictions services, income assistance and housing support
    • Wrap-around supports to address wellness and cultural supports, this may include access to elders and traditional practices
  • What will The Mustard Seed do about community safety?

    The Mustard Seed’s number one priority in operating programming is safety. Our programming creates a safe and supportive space for all program members – guests, staff, volunteers, and the greater community. Policies and procedures we have in place for safety and security include:

    • Guests will be assessed prior to entry
    • Staff will be present on-site to monitor indoor and outdoor spaces 24/7
    • Police and EMS have been notified of our proposal to open the shelter
    • Security cameras are located both inside and outside the building

    We are always looking for feedback from the community and are open to suggestions on how we

    can maintain a safe, supportive, and respectful environment.

  • What will The Mustard Seed do about drug use?

    The Mustard Seed will bring our experience from operating multiple shelters across Canada, and we are working with Saskatoon Police Service and Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services to develop a safety plan for the area around the shelter. The use of illicit substances and alcohol is not permitted within the building or surrounding areas.

  • What is The Mustard Seed’s staffing model?

    The shelter will always be staffed by three staff members, in addition to a manager, facilities worker, and food services worker. Neighborhood patrols will be performed every 2-3 hours to ensure safety around the shelter and in the community. This will occur within a one-block radius around the shelter. Staff will be present on-site to monitor indoor and outdoor spaces 24/7 and are trained in crisis response, including Non-violent Crisis Intervention.

  • In your experience, what makes one of your facilities successful?

    Our desire to have holistic, wraparound support available for our clients is what we have found to be most successful. In 2023, we were able to house over 600 shelter guests. We refer to our shelters as housing-focused shelters, meaning that it is our desire to have our shelter guests sustainably housed as soon as possible.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions about The Mustard Seed Sutherland Shelter?

    At this time, all questions or concerns should be directed to: [email protected]