Rychele describes her childhood as tumultuous. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, her parents struggled with addiction and her father was in and out of jail. However, despite the instability of her upbringing, she is grateful for the unconditional love she received from her parents.

“I was in and out of jail for a number of years for minor charges,” says Rychele. “In 2018, I received a 42 month sentence that changed my life for the better.”

While serving her sentence, she found The Mustard Seed.

“I reached out to the reintegration chaplain; she would come visit me, introduce me to community resources, prepare me for parole hearings and I was set up with a mentor when I was released.”

Rychele explains the challenges she faced as she took the steps to regain control of her life. She was stable, sober and ready for a new beginning with The Mustard Seed by her side.

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