This week marks the one-year anniversary of our resilient Medicine Hat team making the creative changes to fill the bellies of those in need. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our staff began serving meals out of the back of a trailer to adjust to AHS protocols and continued to feed those experiencing homelessness and poverty throughout the year.

The meals were small in the beginning but grew thanks to the generous support of the community.

“What started as sandwiches and a dessert has grown into a full take-home meal that is both hot and nutritious,” says Pastor Murray Kumm, Volunteer Coordinator & Spiritual Care Chaplain.

Earlier this week, the team celebrated the anniversary, confessing they have a new idea of what our homeless neighbours go through after enduring Medicine Hat’s harsh four seasons.

“(We) have a deeper understanding of what the disadvantaged or homeless population goes through, as we sat out in the trailer for three hours a day regardless of the weather,” says Pastor Murray. “Those three hours were harder in extreme heat and extreme cold than I would have thought.”

In the last year out of the back of the trailer:

  • 1,021 guests were served
  • 22,692 meals were given
  • 3,332 volunteers came out to help

Like many, The Mustard Seed was presented with one of the most difficult and challenging years in our history, but our Medicine Hat staff confirmed that commitment and passion pay off.

“We were determined to serve meals every day and we succeeded,” says Colette Eirich, Managing Director of TMS Medicine Hat. “The seasons did not stop us. We are a small team and we worked tirelessly to keep our programs operating.”

To our Medicine Hat team, volunteers, and donors: thank you so much for your determination and desire to help and serve those struggling during a time when it is so needed.

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