A Grandma Who Cared Enough to Make Something

It all started 10 years ago, when Terry Gauthier – a mother of two, and grandmother to four grandchildren and one great grandson – was watching TV one night with her son Richard; at that moment, Josh Classen from CTV came on requesting hats for the homeless.

Terry always felt sympathetic towards the homeless and wondered why no one ever helped them. “What have you done about it?” asked Richard with slight disappointment.

Terry always commented to her children since they were young about how someone should help the homeless, but it wasn’t until her son asked her that question that Terry found the determination and inspiration to do something about it. So, Terry pulled out her needles and started knitting.

“All I ever wanted was for people to know that somewhere out there was a grandma who cared enough to make something just for them.”

Since 2007, Terry had been making scarves and toques for the homeless. The first time, after her son’s comment, Terry brought 150 sets to CTV with the help of her husband John and their granddaughter Natassja. With a feeling of happiness and fulfilment, Terry donated to CTV again the following year. It wasn’t until 2009 that a friend of Terry’s recommended that she donate her knitted scarves and toques to The Mustard Seed.

Terry set a goal to knit 1,000 sets of scarves and toques, and now, she is up to 3,000 sets. At 78 years old, Terry continues knitting scarves and toques for The Mustard Seed, and she has no intention of stopping anytime soon.