A Little Guide to Shopping More Sustainably

1. Buy Second Hand

Shopping at in person thrift stores or buying second hand from shops online (like FB Marketplace) can help you save a lot of money! You can even do clothing swaps with friends to freshen up your wardrobe or pass down clothes that don't fit your kids anymore to other families.

2. Use Refillable Containers

Keep glass or plastic reusable containers around your house - you can either buy new or wash out glass food containers to reuse. They can be used for packing lunches, making food last longer, storage, or even as travel cups for ice coffee or smoothies. You can also refill containers with cleaning supplies or household products at Refillery's - stores where you bring your own containers and only pay for the product you refill them with.

3. Be More Intentional When Grocery Shopping

  • Buy produce that's in season
  • Find cheaper cuts of meat
  • Always have pantry staples on hand (flour, canned soup/veggies, oatmeal, nut butter)
  • Shop at farmers markets
  • Shop mid-week
  • Clip coupons or take advantage of sales when you can
  • Buy frozen food

4. Get Involved in Your Community

There can be lots of opportunities in your community to save money that you might just not know about yet. Go to the library for books or find a mini library outside that you can swap books at. Also look our for garage sales near you or maybe a community garden you can join! If you already have a garden try to find Seed Banks in your community to swap seeds.