Art Night with Hailey: Marlborough Park Neighbour Centre

By Annie, Community Projects Coordinator, Neighbour Centre, Marlborough Park

Meet Hailey, a skilled 9-year old with a sharp eye for painting works of art in minutes! On Thursday night, Hailey, her mother, and a family friend stumbled upon the new Neighbour Centre in Marlborough Park, curious about what goes on here. When asked if they live in the area, Hailey’s family friend explained,

“If you stand outside of the building and throw a snowball, it would land right in our back yard!”

Lucky for Hailey, the Neighbour Centre was hosting their very first family event that night, and by chance, it was a paint night! We quickly learned that Hailey is an avid painter!

Once she learned that it was a paint night, Hailey hurried to her house to grab a handful of her favourite paintings, eager to show them off to the other artists in the room.

When they arrived back at the Neighbour Centre, everyone crowded around Hailey and her paintings while she shared stories about her favourite ones and explained that it only takes her 5 minutes to complete each one.

After admiring Hailey’s work, everyone excitedly began painting their own pieces, hoping to gain approval from the accomplished artist in the room. Hailey spent the rest of the evening circling around the table to check-in on everyone’s art, giving tips and tricks throughout the night: “add birds in this corner and change the colour of the sky!!” she said to me, as if it were obvious.

Hailey’s artistic abilities amazed everyone in the room and brought smiles to all!

We can certainly expect Hailey to be at every future paint night at The Neighbour Centre! A true story of how an eager 9 year old brought the community together through a shared passion!”